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"The travelogue on Goa by Summaiya Aslam is another account of a tourist's wonderful experiences in the small and splendid state of Goa. The article virtually makes you energetic and alures you to be a part of Goa Carnival festival, giving you a peek into the nightlife of Goa. Experiencing every aspect of Goa from beaches to rich cuisine, the travelogue states Goa as the best destination for holidays in India."
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Goa - The State with Pristine Beaches

Bird's Eye View of Candolim Beach
Bird's Eye View of Candolim Beach

The beautiful sunrise, by the sea, the cool breeze of the morning, the sound of the water rising and falling on the Goa beach, what else could one want to wash away all the tensions of life.All this and more to see in sea side destination none other than Goa.

The sunrise and sunset could'nt be any better, than, it is here in goa, the most picturesque scene that one could ever think of. And the best moment on the beach are the relaxing suntan and a bath in the cool seawater, and then coconut water to quench your thirst. Sea side restaurants and sea food are the ultimate pleasurable lunch that one can dream of. For nature lovers, the sea beach can provide the best scenes to enjoy and lose yourselves in nature's lap. For food lovers, Goa cuisine has some of the best mouth watering , seafood dishes, and if you are not of the experimental kind, then it has, a number of punjabi, bengali, anf the usual pizza and burgers for you . For the dance lovers, the Goan nightlife with bars and discotheques, will give you all the sound and music to excite your heart and soul.

Goa is best visited in the "carnival season". Nothing in this world could be more colourful and intriguing than this festival season.The season comes with all its exotic colours, wonderful dances and heart warming dresses. Goa festivals also gives you glimpses of the rich Goan culture that is another attraction for which to visit Goa. Lots of accessories to choose from the ultimate destination for sea ornaments collectors. And for our newly married honeymoon couples, and also for those who don't shy away from stealing away a romantic moment, nothing could be better than a romantic walk on the beach holding hands of your beloved.

So people, pack your bags, and go Goa to bring in the romance, colour and nature to your life.

By - Summaiya Aslam
Date: 18/12/06

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