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"The article adventure vacation in Uttranchal-an experience of lifetime by Jolly Mazumdar will enable you to have a first hand information on adventure sports like river rafting, trekking and beach camping. This travelogue is a real life experience of a traveller to Shivpuri in Uttarnchal,heralded as the soft adventure capital of India"
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Adventure vacation in Uttranchal-an experience of lifetime

Rafting in River Ganges
Rafting in River Ganges at Shivpuri

Every year with the onset of summer season, unbearable scorching sun rays makes my life hell. And to get rid of this horrible situation, every year I tried to take out some time from my busy schedule to spend some moments amidst the unparalleled beauty of Mother Nature.

And by the grace of God, last month I along with some of my best pals went to Shivpuri for an adventure trip. Located just 16km from the hilly town of Rishikesh, Shivpuri is a paradise for adventure lovers. Every summer this tranquil place comes alive with large number of adventure buffs, who comes here from various corners of world.

Heralded as 'Soft adventure capital of India, Shivpuri is dotted with nature camps built on the banks of river Ganges. These camps are ideal for those people who wants to completely drowned themselves in the splendid beauty of Nature and have the guts to conquer the untamed white tides of river Ganges.

This was my first adventure trip and I must confessed that I had a blast there. Once we reached there, at first we unloaded our stuffs and had a sumptuous breakfast. After that we went for trekking to a nearby hill known as Neer waterfall. The trekking was really tiring but we got a chance to witness some fantastic views of streams and deep forests.

After completing a 12km trek , we reached at the top of the hill and indulged ourselves in swimming. Icy water of the cascading stream has helped us to shed our tiredness and gave us the strength to start our return journey. On reaching the camp, we had our lunch and got ready for the bonfire under the starlit sky. It was really an awesome experience. All of us started to play the household game of Antakshri in our croaking voice and also Dumb-sharaz. After this, we had our dinner.

Next morning, post breakfast we got ready for river rafting followed by a little longish safety briefing session by a rafting expert. In the first couple minutes, our guide has took us for short round to acclimatised ourselves with water. After this we finally started rowing some right,some wrong.

During our rafting expedition, we crossed some surging rapids like Roller Coaster, T-off, Golfcourse, Double Trouble etc and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. After sometime we got tired and to give ourselves some relief we participated in activities like body surfing and cliff jumping. After completing 16 km route, our rafting expedition comes to an end and we got ready for our return journey to Delhi. .

By - Jolly Mazumdar
Date: 5/05/2010

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