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"What could be more idealistic way of exploring the real treasures of a Indian sub-continent then taking up a safari tour, the choices are myriad according to the varied Indian terrain. Enjoy jeep safari on the rugged mountainous regions, go for a wildlife hunt on royal elephant back or try your riding skills with horse safari or just cruise across the pristine blue shimmering lake to capture essence of real India."
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Elephant Safaris

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The varied topography and climatic conditions of India ensure the lovers of safari, like you, a real treat. You can enjoy a safari on the back of a yak in the mountainous region and on the back of a camel in both the cold as well as the arid desert region of the country. Horse safari and elephant safaris are two other options for you to enjoy yourself on the back of an animal in India. A ride on a horse is as royal as it is on an elephant, the only difference being the speed of the two animals.

Leaving the animals behind, you can choose more speed and set out on a jeep or motorbike safari. These new modes of transportation allow you to see a great deal more in less time as compared to that of animals. This is not to say that the fun is more while you are enjoying a safari trip in a vehicle in India. Rather, it is more of a singular experience you get to enjoy in each of these that make your entire trip a memorable one. With animals it is their movement, which you are not accustomed to, that will make your safari trip interesting.

As for the locales that you traverse through while on a safari trip in India, there is a whole variety. If you are on a camel safari trip, then sand dunes are the major attraction in dry desert while the rugged mountain terrain, ancient passes and remote villages are the highlights in the cold desert region of India. In the mountainous regions of the country, riding on the back of yak can throw up sceneries like shimmering lakes, gurgling streams, glacial valleys, breathtaking cascades, towering snow peaks, meadows and forests.

The beauties of the mountain regions can also be captured by undertaking a jeep or motorbike safari tour in India. Infact, given their convenience, these vehicles can be used to explore almost any part of the country. Jeep safari, additionally, is also quiet popular in the wildlife sanctuaries and parks.

That leaves us with the royal elephants and well bred horses. Elephant safari in the royal cities and the wildlife destinations is a classic means to enjoy the splendours of the places. And as for horses, they are perfectly suitable to discover the magic of plains as well as mountains.

If by now, you are thinking that it is just the landscape that can be enjoyed during a safari tour in India, you are in for a surprise. This is because what is more interesting and attractive about the safari tours in the country is the fact that they allow you to interact with local people regularly. They encourage you to understand their culture more closely and let you be a part of it, even if it is for a while.

After, so much of information, there is hardly any need to stress the fact that safari, as an adventure activity in India, is not only famous but also growing more and more every day. Therefore, pick up any safari tour and get ready for an adventurous time ahead.


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