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"Andaman Cruises - Cruising through the crystal clear waters of Andaman and Nicobar with views of green corral islands at the backdrop is just a dream vista welded into reality. Andaman luxury Cruise Packges voyage through many beach islands of Andaman Nicobar gives you a magical start to your vacations in Paradise."
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Andaman & Nicobar Cruise Packages

Cruising Near Andaman Islands
Cruising Near Andaman Islands

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Andaman Cruise - Floating To Heavens

A visit to Andaman and Nicobar is never complete without a cruise to different islands of this one of a kind union territory. There are quite a few options available for you to enjoy a rejuvenating ship ride in the mesmerizing beauty of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Apart from packages offered by tourism department of Andaman and Nicobar, there are many itineraries by private operators too.

Book Andaman Nicobar cruise tour package offering details on various Andaman Cruises including Chennai to Andaman Cruise, Kolkata to Andaman Cruise, Mumbai to Andaman Cruise and Vizag to Andaman Cruise. There are different types of cruise ships used for the journey. Some are 7 star cruise liners, and some are normal ships. For tourism department packages semi deluxe liners are used. M. V. Nicobar, M. V. Nancowry, M. V. Swaraj Dweep, M. V. Harshavardhana and M. V. Akbar are the ships under usage.

It is Port Blair that connects Andaman and Nicobar to the rest of Indian mainland. There are regular ship service from Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakapatnam.

Andaman Cruise From Chennai

From Chennai, it takes nearly 60 hrs to cover the distance.

Andaman Cruise From Vizag

A beautiful 56 hrs sea journey from Vishakapatnam to Port Blair awaits to thrill you.

Andaman Cruise From Kolkata

From Kolkata, it is a 66 hrs journey to Port Blair.

Andaman Cruise Frequency

There are ships for Chennai and Kolkata 4 times every month and once in a month to Vishakapatnam.

Sailing into the heart of ocean with nothing ahead of you, more often than not will leave you awestruck. And the luxury add to the relaxation for which that you have set out to Andaman and Nicobar.

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