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"Since the day tourists have started coming to Andhra Pradesh, it has earned a distinct position for itself in the hearts of many gourmets who wish to taste the best in the world. Full of sumptuous dishes, Andhra Pradesh cuisine combines the best of both Non vegetarian and vegetarian food. It is one state that combines the unfailing falavors of North India cuisine and South India Cuisine."
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Famous Cuisine of Andhra Pradesh

Mouthwatering Andhra Pradesh Meal
Mouthwatering Andhra Pradesh Meal

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Taste Dishes That Are Spiciest of All

If you thought cuisine of other states of India were a bit extra spicy, then prepare you tongue for a roller coaster ride in Andhra Pradesh. Cuisine of A.P is considered to be the spiciest of all Indian cuisines. Even though it is tough to finish an Andhra Pradesh meal without lots of water, there is a specialty that makes the cuisine a delight for food lovers. Andhra Pradesh is the second largest producer of rice in India after West Bengal , so logically, one can expect a lot of dishes based of rice. Rice is also the staple food of the sstate. Andhra Pradesh has an almost equal population of Hindus and Muslims because of which, one can find a brilliant mixture of their different styles. Hyderabadi cuisine and some other dishes have a huge influence of Mughlai Cuisine in them. Vegetarian food is more dominant cuisine in the inside of Andhra Pradesh, but as we move towards the coastal region, the influence of sea food increases. The taste of Nizams is at its most varied during the festivals when number exquisite dishes are prepared which are reserved only for special days.

Regular Andhra Pradesh Dishes

An Andhra Pradesh meal means number of dishes served on a banana leaf along with some splendid pickles, and had sitting on a mat on floor. 'Pulihara', the tamarind rice is the main dish of Andhra Pradesh cuisine. It is had with Sambar and many other lentil delicacies. For breakfast, Dosa, Pesarattu, and Upma along with Patchadi (Chutney) are the most common dishes for breakfast. In coastal area, sea food is the favored item. Fish and prawns cooked with sesame and coconut oil mixed with grounded pepper flavor has become the famous offering of Andhra Pradesh cuisine.

Andhra Pradesh cuisine is at its widest during the festival time. Makar Sakranti, the harvest festival is among the most important festival for Andhra Pradesh people, especially for people in rural areas totally dependent on agriculture. They prepare number of dishes that are not prepared on normal days.

Tastes of Nizams

Other non vegetarian food includes dishes of lambs and chicken. Biryani is the most famous preparation with lavish amount of lamb and chicken chops. The specialty of biryani is that it has many different varieties like the Kacchi biryani with raw meat and pakki Biryani with cooked meat along with rice. You can also get the taste of vegetarian variety of biryani which has cooked vegetables in it. Which one is better, it is up to you to decide; if you can. These dishes form a part of Hyderabadi cuisine that has carved its own niche among Indian cuisines. In fact, it won't be wrong to say that this cuisine is one of the reason that has brought Hyderabad right on top of tourist favored places. You will find that Hyderabadi food uses a lot of fresh fruits instead of dry fruits.

Light on Stomach

After a wholesome meal, what your stomach needs is the touch of sweetness. As much the spicy foods of Andhra are famous, sweet dishes have also made their mark in the hearts of people. Sweet dishes like Laddu, Boorelu, Bobbatlu and Ariselu are really famous, However the favorite of Andhra Pradesh is Potha rekulu. Its main ingredients are Rice starch, Powdered sugar and ghee. It is prepared by rolling rice starch and powdered sugar in extremely fine layers which are smeared with ghee.

People of Andhra Pradesh are food lovers who always like to experiment with their dishes. Apart from the three time heavy meal, they have mid time snacks, something that you will find ready in every home They are had during mornings and evenings with a strong cup of tea. Few of the common snacks that you will find are Mirapakya Bajji, Kaarappoosa, Chekkalu, guggillu, Bondi, Upma, Bondaalu and many more.

Huge range of flavorsome delicacies is good enough to bring anyone to these lands again and again. Every dish has its own specialty and each feels better than the earlier one. So much is the fame of Andhra Pradesh cuisine that it is in itself a world renowned attraction. Listen to your heart and visit Andhra Pradesh, and you will hear your tongue and heart say, "Thankyou".

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