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"Fairs and festivals of Andhra Pradesh are the most lively part of tourism in the state of colorful celebrations. A look into the cultural festivals of Andhra Pradesh like Deccan Festival, gives us glimpse of the state's tradition and religion. There is more to them than just music, dance and drama; the temple festivals like Brahmotsavam in Tirupati, have become an inseparable part of people and religion of Andhra Pradesh."
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Famous Fairs and Festivals of Andhra Pradesh

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Round The Year Celebrations

There is no time in Andhra Pradesh when one or the other part of the state is not in engulfed in the festive and cheerful mood. Andhra Pradesh is a state of rich with culture and heritage with a strong influence of its past and it is put on display during the many fairs and festivals in the state. The state is home to people of all religion and every religion has their own special festivals. Each full of color, enthusiasm and energy that make even the smallest of festival, turn out to be a grand affair. The main festivals in the state are the temple fairs like Brahmotsavam in Tirupati and Sri Rama Navami Festival in Bhadrachalam which attract pilgrims and tourist from all over the country. Then there are festivals that are to celebrate the complete history of religion in the state, Lumbini Festival is one such festival that glorify the 200 year old heritage of Buddhism. The unbelievable atmosphere of enjoyment and exuberance is something that has to felt first hand to be understood so don't miss the opportunity to become a part of any of the magnificent moments during the Andhra Pradesh fairs and festivals.

Brahmotsavam Celebrations In Tirupati

Among the many festivals celebrated in Tirupati, Brahmotsavam is the most important and the grandest festival. This nine day festival, which is held during the Navaratris, attracts pilgrims and tourists from all over India and from other countries as well. On these nine days, pilgrim count comfortably crosses 100 thousand mark everyday. All days have their own significance and are marked by huge and colorful processions where Lord Venkateswara is taken out along with his consorts. The difference in the various day processions is the chariots in which the Lord rides. The fifth day is important, it is considered to be the day when Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini and appeared on Earth. Lord Venkateswara is dressed as Mohini and taken in the processions thought the temple. The number of Pilgrims is the highest on this day. The start of the festival is symbolized by the hoisting of Garuda Dhwaja (flag with the sign of eagle) and the end of the festival is shown by lowering the Garuda Dhwaja.

Makar Sakranti

Makar Sakranti is one festival that is celebrated almost all over India, It is a harvest festival that is celebrated in an extravagant way in Southern India states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and specially Andhra Pradesh where the festival last over three days. On all the three days,people dress themselves up in new clothes and indulge in different activities. On the first day called Bhogi Panduga, people burn old things to symbolize the new start. Second day called Pedda Panduga is the main day when people offer their prayers to god. Huge feast are arranged in homes as well as communities, There were shows of Cock fights organized on this day but it has stopped since the government put a ban on the event. Kanuma Padunga is the third day which is kept for having meat and a lot of sweet dishes. The festival generally falls in the month of January. The festival is an amalgamation of religion and culture of Andhra Pradesh which gives the entire state, a magical feel.

Lumbini Festival

Andhra Pradesh was once a major Buddhist state with important pilgrim destinations. Lumbini festival is a festival to celebrate that aspect of glorious past of Andhra Pradesh. It is three day festival that is held in December, starting on 2nd Friday till Sunday. It is organized by Department of Tourism of Andhra Pradesh government in Nagarjunasagar and Hyderabad. Lumbini is the name of the place where Lord Buddha took birth. The festival showcases the 2000 year old history of Andhra Pradesh when Buddhism was a prevalent religion. It is the best time and place to enjoy the rich Buddhist heritage of the state.

Deccan Festival

Also known as Hyderabad Festival, Deccan Festival is among the best known festivals in Andhra Pradesh showcasing the art and culture of the Deccan region. It is a 5 day festival which is held every year in the February or March. Deccan Festival is an event which comprises of many different fairs. The major attraction is the Pearl and Bangle Fair. The fair is a display of different types of lustrous pearls and bangles studded with different pearls. Hyderabad has always been famous for its pearls, the fair is the perfect stage for the city to display its richness. The nights during the festival are really colorful with numerous cultural programmes like music concerts of biggest names in the industry, mesmerizing dance performances, and poetry sessions. Do not miss the poetry sessions since Hyderabad has some of the most famous poets around. There is food fair as well that brings forth the best of Hyderabadi cuisine. It is an absolute treat for all those who are in Hyderabad to dig deep into its culture treasure.

To enjoy the scintillating festivals and of Andhra Pradesh, visit the state any time of the year, as there is always a festival going on in the state. It won't be wrong to say that the celebration in the state are completely addictive. Just taste the celebrations once, then wherever you are, the atmosphere and the memories gets to you, compelling you to be a part of the celebrations again.


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