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"Hotels of Andhra Pradesh superbly complement the natural beauty and monumental attractions of the state. Making even the famous personalities and business tycoons their admirer with all contemporary facilities and world class service, Andhra Pradesh hotels have made a bold statement in the tourism sector. Get the taste of their hospitality and feel, what it is like to be treated special."
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Hotels And Resorts of Andhra Pradesh

Hotel Amrutha Palace - Hyderabad
Hotel Amrutha Palace - Hyderabad

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The New Way of Getting Pampering

Hotels of any state are the backbone of its tourism potential. A state that has world class hotels and resorts always have a big advantage over states that lack such hotels. And there are states where hotels themselves are nothing less than a tourist attraction themselves and Andhra Pradesh is definitely one of those states. With cities that hold a big position in entire countries development like Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam, one can expect the hotels in these cities to be of top notch and competing with the best in the India and even the world.

What is on offer in the many hotels in Andhra Pradesh is not something that you will get everywhere in India. The facilities provided in the luxury hotels of Andhra Pradesh are world class Not only is the facilities of top notch, the hospitality of the staff is heartwarming. People of Andhra Pradesh are known to be very down to earth and caring, and this shows in the services that are provided even in budget hotels. The hotels here are decorated according the popular choices of its guests. Right from the lobby, the attention given to even the minutest of detail will leave you spellbound. The true Andhra Pradesh culture reflects in the themes that are employed in the hotels. The well appointed room is another treat waiting for you. The facilities offered inside your room will virtually make you stay inside till the time you are in the hotel. But amenities outside are more tempting. For business travelers, range of ultra modern facilities are there that will keep you connected to all parts of the world along with large conference halls. For recreational purpose, there is swimming pools, health centers, gymnasiums, and spas that will help you lose all the travel exhaustion in an instant.

Most hotels give a huge priority to the dining facilities. Be it a low range hotel or a luxurious one, all keep a high standard of hygiene in their food. They believe that quickest way to a person's heart is through his stomach. All good hotels have reputed multi cuisine restaurants that are counted among the best in their respective cities. If you are in mood to get a hotel far away from the city chaos, try out the many beach resorts on the pristine beaches of Andhra Pradesh. Not only are they situated amidst picturesque surroundings away from the clatter, they are right up there along with top end hotels when it comes to facilities and services.

Hotels of Andhra Pradesh have all made a huge impact on the inflow of tourists to the state. They have provided the best services and care possible to their guests and have stuck to doing so for many years. Stay in any of the hotels and discover a new meaning of being pampered.

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Taj Krishna Hotel

Taj Residency Hotel


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