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"Medical Tourism has proved to be a Midas Touch for Andhra Pradesh Tourism. People are flocking to Andhra Pradesh to experience the low cost medical treatment. The stupendous growth in infrastructure private medical sector has given a big boost to this kind of tourism by opening some of the most advanced hospitals to cater to International tourists."
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Andhra Pradesh Medical Tourism

Medical Tourist To Hyderabad
Medical Tourist To Hyderabad

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For Health, Happiness And Entertainment

Just like in normal tourism, medical tourism too is taken up by tourist to get healthy soon, just that the reason is a bit more literal in medical tourism. Medical Tourism is done by people who are looking for a cost effective treatment for their ailment in a different country. It is precisely a provision of low cost private medical care by joint venture of tourism industry with corporate players in medical sector. Earlier, people used to consider just the cost factor to choose the country for their treatment. But the trend has changed, and people are looking for places that offer a lot from a tourist perspective. This brought the spotlight to India. In India, there is not just low cost treatment and beautiful places to see. You can choose from a number of different types of treatment like Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and Unani.

And among many Indian states, Andhra Pradesh is slowly getting hold of the top position. The state has always been a favored place for people coming for rejuvenation through yoga and Ayurveda, but only few considered it for any kind of major surgery. However opening up of some world class hospitals has changed the mindset of the foreign tourists. The major surgeries here saved them almost half of what they would have to pay for the same surgery in their own country. Most modern equipments, experienced doctors and staff, home like environment , great nursing and effective post treatment services are some other factors that allure tourists to Andhra Pradesh.

The most known hospitals for medical tourism in Andhra Pradesh is Hyderabad's Apollo Hospital. It is a 650 bed multi specialty hospital with facilities comparable to the best in the world. Especially in cardiac treatment. It has a distinction of operating over 10000 cardiac patients with more than 99 percent success rate. Nizamia General Hospital is one of its kind hotel probably in the whole world. It uses Unani system of medicine to cure its patients and it has been in the profession since 1938. It is estimated that on average 1500 outpatients are treated everyday here. There are many specialized hospitals like L.V Prasad Eye Institute which has earned name for itself, not just by treating patients, but by indulging in path breaking research in the field of eye diseases. It was started as a non-profit organization with the goal of providing help to underprivileged.

The state has proved its mettle time and again in the field of medicine and tourist care. Alternative medicine, rejuvenation therapy, Yoga and traditional healing systems have been the main stay for attracting tourists to Andhra Pradesh. Take up Medical tourism in Andhra Pradesh and you will not find a better way of enjoying your new found health.

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