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"Vijayawada is as famous for its connectivity as it is for its pilgrimage importance. Looking at the attractions in the city, it is clear that it has a rich history and religious past. Also referred to as 'The City of Destiny', Vijayawada is the best place from where you can explore many important Buddhist sites like Amaravati, Gudivada and Ghantashala. Seen as an upcoming commercial city, Vijayawada is a sight to behold."
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Vijayawada Travel Guide

Well Kept Interiors of Kondapalli Fort
Well Kept Interiors of Kondapalli Fort

Pilgrimage in Nature's Lap

Flourishing on the banks of Krishna River, Vijayawada, also known as 'Bezawada', is situated around 257 Km from Hyderabad. The name Vijayawada literally meaning 'The City of Victory', comes from a belief that it was here on the Indrakiladri Hill that Arjuna, one of the five Pandava Brothers, did hard penance and won the blessings of Lord Shiva. Today, Vijayawada is among the best commercial centers Buddhsitra Pradesh, mainly due to its connectivity to rest of India. The city has the largest Railway station in South Central Railway. Visiting the station is nothing less than exploring a famous tourist destination. The development of the city started with the onset of British rule. Since then it has been climbing up on the ladder of progress.

Being home to Kanaka Durga Temple, Vijayawada attracts uncountable pilgrims throughout the year which is at its peak during the Navaratris. As the celebration of Dussehra here is quite famous. The city also serves as a base for excursion to many Buddhist Pilgrim destinations like Amaravati, Gudivada, and Ghantashala. The city is also famous for a festival called Krishna Pushkaram which is celebrated once every twelve years. When in Vijayawada, do not forget to taste the delicious mangoes. They have become famous all over the world for the pickles that are made out of them.

Attractions - Good For Every Soul

Vijayawada is a city with different types of attractions. You will find temples, forts and museums. Kanaka Durga temple situated on the banks of Krishna River is the most known destination in Vijayawada. It is visited by pilgrims and tourists alike. Then there is Kondapalli Fort which is a favorite picnic spot among Vijayawada People. Apart from these, there are many other tourist spots like Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum and Prakasam Barrage.

Kanaka Durga Temple

Situated on the banks of Krishna River, Kanaka Durga Temple is nestling on top of Indrakiladri hill. The origin of the temple is unknown and it is believed that the deity of the temple is 'Swayambhu', that is self manifested. Hence the deity is believed to be immensely strong. Many Legends are there on how the deity came here. Once, when the menace of demons increased to an unbearable proportion, Sage Indrakila did penance. When Goddess Kanaka arrived to grant his wishes, Sage Indrakila asked her to sit on his head and save them all from the problems of demons. Since then Kanaka Durga has stayed in Vijayawada. The reference of the temple is found in many ancient Hindu scriptures. Pilgrims from all over India visit the temple during Navaratris. The temple is famous for its Dussehra celebrations, Saraswati Puja and Theppotsavam.

Kondapalli Fort

Situated around 16 Km from Vijayawada, Kondapalli Fort is a popular picnic spot among the locales. The fort, dating back to 7th century, was built by King Krishna Deva Raya and served as a business center in its earlier stages but was later converted into a military training base by British. Kondapalli village is not only famous for the fort but also for the handmade toys. Made of light wood they are exported to other countries as well.

Prakasam Barrage

With its impressive structure, Prakasam Barrage is one of the main attraction in Vijayawada. Prakasam Barrage is a road bridge built on Krishna River. Build in 1957, it encloses a huge and attractive lake. Three canals run from it to all parts of Vijayawada providing water for irrigation. It also works as a water regulator.

Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum

Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum is a one stop peak into the history of Andhra Pradesh. The museum has put on display ancient paintings, idols, weapons, and inscriptions recovered from various parts of Andhra Pradesh. Painting of Mahishsura Mardini and 'Buddha Alluru' inscriptions dating back to 1st and 2nd centuries are one of the most important displays of the museum.

Accommodation in Vijayawada

Vijayawada is among the most important cities of Andhra Pradesh. It is also a major commercial center which brings in a lot of business travelers to Vijayawada. There are good number of luxury hotels along with numerous government recognized hotels. Most of these hotels are situated near the city center. You also have the option of many budget hotels that you can find anywhere in the city. Main hotels in the city are Quality Hotel D V Manor, Hotel Kandhari International, Hotel Manorama, and Hotel Raj Towers.

How To Reach Nagarjunasagar

By Air

There is a domestic airport around Vijayawada which is at a distance of around 16 Km from here. It is situated at a place called Gannavaram. The airport connects Vijayawada to Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. It takes only a 30 minute flight to reach Hyderabad from Vijayawada.

By Rail

The railway station at Vijayawada in itself is an attraction. It is the largest railway station in South Central Railway. It is the most important station in Andhra Pradesh which connects the state to all the major cities in India with super fast and express trains.

By Road

Vijayawada is connected to almost all cities in Andhra Pradesh with good network of roads. The city is served by NH 5 and NH 9 which connects it to cities of nearby states of India.

Local Transportation

Inside the city, you will find taxis, auto rickshaws and manual rickshaws. But the most important mode of transport are the many APSRTC buses. There are private buses as well operating in Vijayawada. The bus service connects to every part of the city.



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