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"Wildlife in Andhra Pradesh is the simplest yet the most enticing part of Andhra Pradesh Tourism. Taking a safari through the wildlife sanctuaries, and closely observing the wildlife in its own habitat gives you a feeling of awe and amazement. Watching the king of the jungle, tiger, and many other endangered species will prove to be your best moments in your dream holiday."
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Wildlife Sanctuaries in Andhra Pradesh - India Travel

Tiger In Nehru Zoological Park
Tiger In Nehru Zoological Park

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It's A Jungle Out There

The Dense and deep forests of Andhra Pradesh are the best possible habitat for the wildlife animals. The vast lying wildlife sanctuaries offer tourists a magnificent opportunity to sight the most endangered species and get to know their natural way of survival in their own home. A trip through the well preserved wildlife parks teach us all a valuable lesson on the importance of wildlife in maintaining a balance in the eco system and gives us the necessary information on how we all can be instrumental in saving the fast disappearing wildlife. Apart from the knowledge, a safari in Andhra Pradesh sanctuaries is really a breathtaking experience. Here, you get to see the wild animals as close as possible. The main national parks in the state are Indira Gandhi National Park , Coringa National Park , Eturnagaram National Park and Alisagar Deer Park. All the parks are situated in different landscape and climatic conditions thus being suitable to different types of animals and birds. This adds to the appeal of wildlife tourism in Andhra Pradesh.

Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary

Coringa was declared a sanctuary in 1978 not because of fauna, but to protect the amazing mangrove vegetation of the on the Godavari estuary. Coringa national Park is situated on the backwater of Sea which are extremely supportive conditions for mangrove plantations. This also prove to be a great habitat for salt water crocodiles. Though it is more famous for the variety of reptiles and birds founde here. Around 120 species of bird like Pelicans, Storks, Herons, flamingos, ducks and many rare species have been seen in Coringa Wildlife sanctuary. Apart from Salt water crocodiles, Otter which are also endangered, fishing cats, jackals, and sea turtles are found here. October to May is the best time to visit this wonderful wildlife sanctuary. It is located around 20 Km from Kakinada on Kakinada-Yanam route.

Nehru Zoological Park

Spread over an area of 1.2 sq. km, Nehru Zoological Park is one of its kind wildlife park in India. The park that was opened to public in 1963, is not only a zoo, but also houses a natural history museum, a dinosaur park and a mini train ride along with more than 3000 animals. The special feature of the zoo is that, although the animas are kept in captivity, the area hugely resembles their natural surroundings. This helps a lot in preserving endangered and rare species of animals and reptiles. The lion safari is the main attarction of the park. Indian and African lions, tigers, hyenas, jackals, Chinkara deer and many more are the animals found here. There is a seperate enclosure that houses only nocturnal animals. It is situated in center of Hyderabad and there is regular bus service to the park from all parts of the city. The park is open from 9 AM till 5 PM and is closed on Mondays.

Indira Gandhi National Park

Situated amidst mesmerizing setting of eastern Ghats on three sides and Bay of Bengal studding the fourth side, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is arguably the visually most appealing national parks in Andhra Pradesh. The park covering an area of approximately 625 acres was thrown open to public in the year 1977. For more precise and effective sightseeing inside the park, it is neatly divided into different sections according to the type of animals. There are sections for primates, carnivores, small carnivores, mammals, reptiles and birds. There are more than 80 species of animals in the zoo with around 800 animals. The main animals are common langur, tigers, lions, wolves, rhesus monkey. There are number of bird species too like grey pelicans, painted stork, peacocks, pied hornbills and many more. The park is open from 9 AM till 5 PM on all days except Mondays. It is situated on NH 5 around four Km from Visakhapatnam railway station. You can hire a taxi to go to the zoo from the station.

Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Etunagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is a park where you can see a good amalgamation of flora and fauna. Situated at a distance of around 90 Km from Warangal , Etunagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the oldest sanctuaries in Andhra Pradesh. It covers an area of 806 sq. km of dense forests and green grasslands. The flora is generally southern tropical dry deciduous teak and many of its other forms. You will also find other species like Thiruman, Bamboo, and Maddi. Amidst the deep forests, you can sight animals like tiger, sloth bear, chinkara, black buck, four horned antelope and many endangered species. Try to make you visit to the park between October and January as this is the best time to get maximum sightings. Along with this, the climate is also quite favorable and the nature is also at its cleanest and greenest after the monsoon. There are number of buses from Warangal that connect the city to Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary.

Alisagar Deer Park

Alisagar Deer Park is another scenic wildlife sanctuary to visit in Nadhra Pradesh. The parks is dotted with beautiful hillocks, man made lakes and splendid flower gardens making it one of the best places to go for wildlife seeing. The park gets its name for the number of deer species it is home to. It is a famous point for family picnics and weekend outing for many locales. Alisagar Deer Park was constructed in 1931 by a Nizam. Situated just few kilometers from Nizamabad, the parks is easily accessible by regular bus service form the town.


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