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"Maintaining the traditional look the Arts and Crafts of Assam have been mesmerizing the world from times immemorial. Making a statement on the world stage, the silk textiles of Assam are the most renowned product of Assam Handicrafts. Visit the magnificent state of Assam and get yourself some exquisite mementos to take back home."
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Wooden Handicrafts in Assam
Wooden Handicrafts in Assam

The Exaggeration of Skills

Assam is a state rich in arts and crafts skills. The most striking thing about the arts and crafts of Assam is that they are exactly the way they were even decades ago. The style and the method of production have not changed a single bit in this part of India. Assam first came to recognition by the virtue of its exemplary silk quality and its products, and cane and bamboo items. And still these material are believed to be the best offering of Assam. People of Assam have always been master in these two arts, but with time many more scintillating handicraft forms emerged in Assam like metal crafts, pottery and woodcrafts. You will find different forms prevalent in different parts of Assam like Hajo and Sarthebari Villages near Guwahati are known for the metal products that are produced here.

Cane And Bamboo

This is probably the favorite form of handicrafts in Assam. It has been practiced in Assam since ages and the products have become better and better with time. You will notice that many items used in Assam households are made up of cane and bamboo. Not only items, there are complete houses as well that are build of cane and bamboo. The main items are the cane baskets, music instruments and the weaving accessories. Although the most famous product is definitely the Jaapi, the traditional sunshade. Used even today, they have become as stylish as they are useful.

Metal Crafts

Metal crafts in Assam consist of generally bell metal and brass metal. Their use can be seen even in ancient times in utensils and statues. Today, they are also used for making fancy household items. During the days of Royalty, even gold and silver were used. But now they are only used in making jewelery. Hajo and Sarthebari villages are the most famous for metal works in Assam. They are quite close to Guwahati, so you can easily get their products in the many shopping markets in the capital city.


Pottery works has been a been a part of Human life since the beginning. Though it came to Assam a bit late but still it has been centuries since pottery has made its mark in Assam. The Kumars and Hiras are the two traditional communities in Assam that are indulged in Pottery works. There method of production is completely different from each other. The Kumars use the Potters wheel for producing their articles whereas the Hiras make them without the use of the wheel. The other striking feature of the Hiras is that, in their community only women indulge in pottery works. Men go out for procuring raw materials and for selling the finished items. The main articles that you will find in households are the incense holder, clay pots and other fancy articles.


Handloom of Assam is famous for its various types of silk that are produced here. The most renowned silk type is the Muga, the golden silk. It kind is only found in Assam making it more exclusive and sought after. There are other forms of silk as well like Eri, and Pat. Assam also has the largest number of weavers in the country. Many industries have come up in the state but they don't come even close to the demand created by the handmade textiles in the global market. The tradition of handlooms have stayed alive through the many tribes that are residing in the state.

The moment you step in Assam, you get to notice the different forms of arts and crafts that are prevalent in the state. Every single item that you see on the walls and windows of homes are a perfect example of the states tradition in arts and crafts. You must have seen similar items produced in other parts of the world as well, but none are as original and creative as the articles you find in Assam. So go on a shopping spree to get hold of the most magnificent handicraft items that comes in your sight.

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