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"Digboi is one reason why Assam is considered an important destination for tourism and commerce. The city boasts of the oldest working oil refinery in the world along with some fabulous places for sight seeing like Saikhowa National Park and an 18 hole golf course."
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Famous Travel Attractions in Digboi

Digboi Refinery
Digboi Refinery

Home of The Oldest Oil Refinery

Situated in Tinsukia District, Digboi has been a treasure chest for the state of Assam. The oil field that was found here in the late 19th century is one of the oldest oil fields in the world. The town was under British rule till Indepedence and was also of great interest to them. They build for themselves some beautiful bungalows for themselves that still stand and now are unique to the town and nothing less than an attraction for the tourists coming here. There is also a splendid 18 hole golf course in the town that is of great interests to the tourists here. The lavish lifestyle of British has now turned out to be a boon for Digboi Tourism. Not only does it boast of the oldest operating refinery in the world, it also is a great place to indulge in shopping. You can get for yourself some traditional and exclusive textiles and handicrafts.

Attractions - The Slick Offerings

Digboi has some special places to visit in the day. The most famous being the oil reserve that has brought Digboi on the world tourism map. It is also a very scenic place which proves to be an absolute treat for people looking tranquil holidays.

Saikhowa National Park

Situated around 60 Km from Digboi, Saikhowa National Park is in the Dibrugarh district. By covering an area of 650 sq. Km, Saikhowa National Park is the largest wildlife park in the whole of Assam. The park is situated on the banks of River Brahmaputra making it an ideal spot for many rare and endangered species. The park was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1986 and today is considered as one of the 19 biodiversity hot spots in the world. The park is most famous for the variety of avifauna found here. Around 300 species of avifauna, both local and migratory, have been recorded in the park. Whitewinged wood duck, spot billed pelican, Pallah's fishing eagle, Bar-headed goose are the main bird attraction of the park. Saikhowa National Park is also known for wild horses known as Feral horses, slow loris, tigers and elephants. It is just 13 Km from Tinsukia and there are regular bus services to the park. The best time to visit the park is from November to April.

National Oil Park

National Oil Park of Digboi is not just an oil refinery, but also has a national wildlife park and an oil museum. Digboi oil well discovered in the year 1889, is the oldest one in entire Asia. In the wildlife park one can also come across a tiger or an elephant during evenings.

War Cemetery

War Cemetery is one of the two in Assam and 23 in entire India. The other one is in Guwahati. Here is the eternal resting place of those brave people who lost their lives during World War II. Earlier the War Cemetery was located on a hilltop, but after the earthquake of 1950, the cemetery got destroyed. It was then relocated to its present location afterwards. On the morning of second Sunday in November, there is a prayer ceremony held in remembrance of the souls where important verses from Bible, Geeta, Koran and Gurugranth Sahib are read.

Golf Course

Golf Course in Digboi is among the best in North Eastern Part of India. It is a 18 hole course where many national and international tournaments are played. The entire setting of the course is so beautiful that wish to come here again and again. You will find other golf courses too in the city, but none come close to this one.

Where To Stay in Digboi

Digboi has slowly and gradually climbed up the ladder and has become one of the most important destinations for tourism in Assam. Accordingly number of tourist coming to the town has increased and for accommodating them, many good and relaible hotels have come up in Digboi. You will find good number of 3 star hotels along with budget hotels.

How To Reach Digboi

By Air

Nearest Airport to Digboi is at in Dibrugarh. It is at a distance of around 65 km from here. Dibrugarh is connected by flights from Guwahati and other domestic airports in Assam. Hiring a taxi is the most convenient way of commuting to Digboi from the airport.

By Rail

Tinsukia is the nearest railway station which is at a distance of around 40 Km from Digboi. It is connected by regular trains from Guwahati. From the station you can catch a bus or hire a taxi to Digboi.

By Road

Digboi is connected by NH 38 to Guwahati which is at a distance of 527 Km from here. You will find state transportation buses and luxury coaches plying between the cities.

Local Transportation

Digboi has good commuting options inside the city. You will find taxis for hire along with regular bus service and auto rickshaws. There are both state run and privately run buses in Digboi

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