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"The moment you step in Jorhat, you feel the aroma of tea captivating all your senses. Covered with tea gardens on all side, and producing best tea in entire Assam, Jorhat also has some important tourist attractions like Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary and Manjuli Island."
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Jorhat Tourism

Beautiful Tea Garden In Jorhat
Beautiful Tea Garden In Jorhat

The Tea Capital of World

Nestling on the northeastern part of Assam and along a tributary of River Brahmaputra, Jorhat is an important agricultural town for Assam. It is famous for its vast lying tea gardens and is also called the 'Tea capital of the world'. Since the time of British rule, Jorhat has been the main center for tea cultivation. Before the British Raj in 1824, it was the capital of Ahom Kingdom. Then also it was a commercial center, but was destroyed completely due to numerous Burmese invasions. Though it recovered nicely to become a dominant player in Assam.

Apart from tea production, it is also noted for its jewelery manufacturing. The jewelery items manufactured here are still traditional in their form. Jorhat is also famous for Majuli Island which is the largest river island in the world.

Attractions - Too Good To Leave

In short span of time, Jorhat has become one of the most visited cities in Assam. There are number of attraction that have captured the imagination of the tourists. Every attraction is unique in itself like the Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary that is more famous for primates than for tigers or rhinoceros. It is also home to the world's largest riverine island.

Majuli Island

Majuli Island is the largest river island in the world. Located in the middle of Brahmaputra valley, it covers an area of 1080 sq. km. There is a population of around 1.5 lakh people on the island making it the largest inhabited riverine island in the world. There are number of Satras (Monasteries) on the island that one can visit to understand the lifestyle of people living here. Around a decade ago, there were nearly 65 Satras on the island, but the number has drastically reduced to 22. This is because, every year, large chunk of Majuli gets disintegrated due to floods. This forced them to move to the main land on the shores of River Brahmaputra. The most important of the remaining Satras are Kamalabari, Auniati and Garmur. Being a wetland, it is home to some endangered species of flora and fauna. You can see number of rare species of birds, both locale and migratory. Majuli Island is a great place, if you are looking for a quite and serene vacations in nature's lap. It is located around 20 km from Jorhat mainland. The best time to visit the island is during the three day Ras Purnima festival where every person on the island participates.

Dhekiakhowa Bar Namghar

Situated close to Majuli Island, Dhekiakhowa Bar Namghar is a place of worship for Hindus. It was build by Saint Madhavdeb and its construction was completed in the year 1539. It took around 42 years to complete the grand structure. There is a throne inside the hall on which is kept a religious book that is worshiped by hundreds of Hindus everyday. Inside the room there are idols of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ananta.

Jorhat Gymkhana

Jorhat Gymkhana is one of the oldest clubs of India and is world's third oldest golf club still to be in use. Started as a recreational option for British tea planters in the year 1876, it was under the lead of J. Huttman, the then superintendent of Jorhat Tea Co. It's location was changed in the year 1885 to the place it is located at present. It remained inaccessible to Indians for more than half a century. The beautiful building that was build in 1885 by workers and raw material imported from Calcutta, still stands making it a heritage site in North Eastern part of India. It is also famous for an annual pony race that attracts many tourists and sports lovers.

Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary

Earlier known as Hulungapar Reserve Forest, Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary is the only wildlife park in India to be named after a non-human primate. Covering an area of 1915 hectors, it was given the status of a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1997 by Assam Government. The main attraction of the park are the many different species of primates that are found here. In a normal wildlife park, it is said that it tougher to sight a primate than a tiger. But sighting a primate is far more easier in Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary. It is advised that you visit the park early in the morning as that is the time when the primates are out of their home in search of food. Number of sightings will be maximum during this period. The types of monkeys found here are Hoolock gibbon, Capped langur, slow loris, rhesus monkey, pig tailed macaque and stump tailed macaque. You can also see other animals like leopards, wild pigs and elephants in Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary. The park is around 15 km from Jorhat and is eaily accessible from the city.

Accommodation in Jorhat

Jorhat is an important city for Assam in all matters. There are number of world class and budget hotels in the city that are good enough for all kinds of travelers. They provide business as well as recreational facilities of topmost quality, The main hotels in the city are Baruah's inn, Hotel Dilip, Hotel Woodland, Jorhat Tourist Lodge.

How To Reach Jorhat

By Air

There is an airport in Jorhat itself which makes it easy to visit Jorhat. There are regular flights from Guwahati and other cities. Jorhat is situated in the center of the city and is easily accessible from any part of the city.

By Rail

Jorhat has its own railhead and is well connected to major cities of Assam. There is regular trains to Jorhat from Guwahati.

By Road

Jorhat is well connected by bus to all parts of the state. The city is around 308 km from Guwahati and there are regular bus service that take around 7 hrs to cover the distance. There are both state buses and private buses have to and fro transportation for Jorhat.

Local Transportation

Jorhat is a big city and you will find almost all modes of transportation inside the city. There are buses, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws and taxis that make commuting in the city easy and comfortable.

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