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"Assam is a state that is important to pilgrims of all faiths and religion. The land is dotted with numerous temples, mosques and monasteries that represents the religious tolerance of the people of Assam. A pilgrimage trip through Assam to many of its sacred destinations, is an experience that just cannot be matched."
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Assam Pilgrimage

Kamakhya Temple - Guwahati
Kamakhya Temple - Guwahati

Believes For Impervious Peace

Pilgrimage is Assam is one of the most pacifying and leveling experiences one can ever have. Assam is home to many important and sacred shrines belonging to different religion. This has made Assam a sacred place for people of these faiths. It also shows the religious tolerance that the people of Assam have. The presence of many operating Buddhist Monasteries shows us that Assam is still an important Buddhist destination. Most of these holy sites are situated amidst some breathtaking scenic places giving the pilgrims a peak into the natural beauty of Assam along with the opportunity to worship the gods and ask for their blessings. The temples and mosques of Assam are probably the oldest and architecturally most stunning in entire north east India.

Kamakhya Temple

Situates on the Neelachala Parvat on the outskirts of Guwahati, Kamakhya Temple is definitely the most famous temple in Assam. The Temple is dedicated to Goddess Shakti and is the greatest shrine of 'Tantrik Shaktism' in entire India. The temple was reconstructed in 17th century by King Nara Narayana after it got destroyed in 16th century. The shikhara of the temple resembles the shape of a beehive giving it a distinct look from other temples. The most interesting fact is that there are images of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Chamundeswari, and many dancing figures, but there is no image of Goddess Shakti. Instead there is a sculpted image of yoni (The reproductive organ of Goddess Shakti), which is the object of reverence here. Here, Durga Puja is the main festival that is held during Navaratris.

Sri Purva Tirupati Balaji Temple

Sri Purva Tirupati Balaji Temple is probably the youngest of all temples in Assam and the most recent addition to the list of temples in the city of Guwahati. The main attraction of the temple is the pure white and imposing structure makes the temple a major attraction in the city. The main deity of Sri Purva Tirupati Balaji Temple is Lord Balaji. The statue of the deity is carved out of a single rock weighing 4 tonnes. Many pilgrim visit the temple to witness the regular pujas and religious ceremonies making the temple, a very important pilgrimage destinations. At the starting of the temple, there is a Ganesha Shrine. The gopurams of Lord Ganesha and Rajgopuram, both are constructed in South Indian style with temple of Lord Ganesha rising to a height of 8 feet and Rajgopuram to 70 feet. The temple is located at Lokhra Betkuchi and there is regular transportation from the the main bus stand of Guwahati.

Dargah of Ajan Pir

Dargah of Ajan Pir is the Samadhi of the legendary Muslim Saint Shah Milan also known as Ajan Pir. The Dargah is situated at a place called Saraguri in Sibsagar District, right on the southern bank of River Brahmaputra. Saint Shah Milan was famous as he led a Muslim reform movement in Assam. Dargah of Ajan Pir is a revered destination for both Hindus and Muslims.

Poa Mecca

Situated at a place called Hajo, it is one of the most important pilgrimage destination for Muslims in India and the most visited worshiping place for Muslims in Assam. This Mosque was build by Pir Giasuddin Aulia and is said to give one fourth purity of what is achieved when one pays a visit to Holy Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Hajo is important not only Muslims but to Hindus and Buddhists as well as there are many temples and monasteries situated close to Poa Mecca.

Not many come to Assam on a pilgrimage trip as there are not many sacred places that are famous outside Assam. But the few who came took home a lot more than just blessings, they found peace of mind. The purity and sanctity of Assam religious places transports you to a completely different world, a world lot more divine.

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