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"A home for Assamese for long, Tezpur city is the oldest inhabited city of Assam which boasts of people of different origin and culture. Being referred in Indian mythology from the time of Lord Krishna, Tezpur has also gain its importance as a religious site rich in monumental heritage. And this is proved by many old forts and temples that bejewel this fascinating land."
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Tezpur Tourism

Cole Park - Tezpur
Cole Park - Tezpur

A City Where Cultures Come Together

The word 'Tez' means blood and 'pur' means town. The name literally means town of blood. The name is derived from the war between Lord Krishna and King Banasura's army. It is said that there was so much bloodshed during the war, that the entire land turned red. Thus came the name Tezpur. Some say that the original name of the town was Sonitpur, which also means town of blood. Situated on the banks of River Brahmaputra, Tezpur is one of the oldest inhabited town in the state. Assam has always been famous for its tea and tea gardens, and Tezpur is the best place to spend some quality time there as it is completely surrounded by Tea Gardens. The city is also called as the cultural capital of Assam. Many known artists have come out of Tezpur who have made it big on the world stage.

Situated in the northern side of Assam, Tezpur is among those cities that is gifted both with natural beauty and man made marvels. The city was a favorite amongst British as well for its salubrious climate. This helped the city a lot in becoming one of the most developed cities in Assam. There are number of excursion possibilities as well in the city that make it an important tourist destination in Assam.

Attractions - History With Religious Background

Tezpur is picturesque town that has some wonderful temples, parks and monuments to visit. More than tourists, Tezpur is visited more by pilgrims than by tourists as the city is home to important temples like Bhairabi Temple and Ketakeshwar Dewal. There is a fort as well named as Agnigarh that is a favored tourist destination for the views it provides of the surrounding areas for the hilltop.

Bhairabi Temple

Bhairabi Temple is among the oldest temples in Assam situated on the borders of Tezpur. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. From the back side of the temple, one can see the famous Kolia Bhomora Setu. On the stones of the temple, you can see intricate carvings and images that date back to 9th century. You can buy ghee lamps, sweets and fruits and can offer it to the Goddess. The temple still carries out sacrificial offerings of goats and bulls regularly.


Agnigarh literally means 'residence amidst fire'. Agnigarh is a big fortress constructed on top of a hill on the banks of Brahmaputra. To reach the top of the hill there is a circular staircase that also is a good option for trekking. On your way to the top of the hillock, you will see lot of images relating to the legend behind the construction of the fort. It is said that the fort was build by King Bana to keep her daughter away from her lover, Anirudha who was the grandson of Lord Krishna. The fort was surrounded by fire on all times which prevented anyone to come in or go out without permission. They were later saved by Lord Krishna himself. The fort is a great place to get some mesmerizing views of the surrounding low lying areas.

Cole Park

Situated in the center of the Tezpur, Cole Park is among the most visited attraction in the city. The parks is an an exceptionally picturesque spot that sees tourists almost on all days, but the number jumps up when it hosts a painting exhibition. It has been a venue for such exhibition since long. The park is also called as Chitralekha Udyan and is famous for Bhomaraguri inscription which is the ancient plan for building a bridge across River Brahmaputra. Apart from that you can also indulge in boating in a small lake in front of the park.

Ketakeshwar Dewal

Ketakeshwar Dewal is one of the most important Hindu shrines in Tezpur. The shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva is said to have one of the biggest Shivalingam in the world. There are actually two parts to the temple, one where which is said to be the original place of the Shivalingam and another where the Shivalingam is located presently. Legend has it that the Shivalingam shifted its position during an earthquake. The temple is regularly visited by pilgrims from all parts of Assam, so it is well connected by road.

Accommodation In Tezpur

Tezpur has got some nice hotels that are good enough to cater to all your basic needs. There are hotels that provides accommodation to all kinds of travelers. Hotels ranging from star category loaded with all modern facilities to budget lodges that cater to the basic needs with reasonable price. Hotels that stand out from the rest of the crowd are Hotel Sangam, Hotel Jenneys Residency, Hotel Aristo and Hotel Chitra.

How To Reach Tezpur

By Air

Tezpur has a small airport that receives flights from Jorhat, Kolkata and Guwahati. There are regular flights from Guwahati everyday and there are three flight every week to Kolkata and Jorhat. Indian Airlines is the main flight operator to Tezpur.

By Rail

Tezpur is an important railhead in Assam. You will get many trains from Guwahati which is the nearest station. The distance between the two cities is nearly 180 Km and it takes slightly less than 4 hrs to reach.

By Road

Tezpur is around 180 km from the capital city of Guwahati and there is frequent to and fro bus service from Guwahati. Both state run and private buses ply on the route. Good network connects it to other cities and towns as well.

Local Transportation

Buses are the main mode of transportation inside the city. Though the most comfortable way of commuting is by hiring a taxi. You will also find auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws inside the city.

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