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"Bihar cuisine is a complete flavor in itself comprising of unique and exquisite cuisine. Whether it is simple vegetarian dishes or festival cuisine of Bihar there is an unmistakable tanginess that lend exotic flavors in Bihar cuisine."
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Bihar Cuisine

Restaurant In Bihar
Restaurant In Bihar

The Big Feast

As rich the culture of Bihar is, the cuisine is equally varied and special. A gourmet's delight is a visit during any of the festivals that sees a phenomenal rise in the number of delicacies prepared. And you cannot have enough of any of them, such is the exquisiteness of them. Most of the dishes in Bihar are vegetarian with rice being the staple food. However many of the traditional vegetarian families like of Brahmins eat non vegetarian dishes, for example the Maithil Brahmins. They also offer mutton or goat meat as prasad for many religious pujas. You will also see the reverse happening. That is some known non vegetarian families like the Kayastha families are strict vegetarian in Bihar. Most of the people prefer simple meals with consisting of rice, lentils, roti, a curry and a pickle.

Vegetarian Dishes

As vegetarian is what most of the people here prefer, rest assured, you will have one of the largest menus of vegetarian dishes on your table. Rice, lentils, roti, a pickle is what a daily meal consists of. The uncooked sprouts soaked in water and consumed with choora, bhunja and Makhana is a liked dish among Bihar people. Another favorite is the puffed rice with sprouts and little more ingredients, which is locally called 'jhal moori'. Since long, mustard oil and ghee are the preferred medium of cooking. People of Bihar believe variety to be the spice of life. So they prepare six types of vegetables daily to be had alongside the main dish. Khichdi (broth of rice and lentils) which is preferred as lunch is served with various side dishes like thick curd, ghee, papads, pickles, and different vegetables like chokha and baigan ka chokha (spiced up baked and mashed brinjal). Salads are an inseparable part of the meal. Cabbage, onions, tomatoes and cucumber are the favorite for the salad.

Non Vegetarian Delights

One has to taste the non vegetarian made in Bihar style to believe that dishes can be this delicious. The unique flavor of Bihar non vegetarian dishes has made the best of epicurean go weak on knees. Their style of cooking has been applauded not only on Indian soil but in other countries as well. From different forms of Kebabs and mutton to dishes made of various fowls and birds is a specialty of Bihar. In earlier times, mutton was eaten with roti, parontha or boiled rice. Now one can find mutton rolled in parotha or roti which is called Behari Kebab rolls.

One For The Sweet Tooth

Though hard to resist, but try not to fill yourself up with main coarse of dishes itself. Leave space for some extremely delectable sweet dishes. The difference that you will notice will be that unlike other eastern states, most of the sweet dishes in Bihar are dry and not with sugar syrups. Most famous of them all are the Motichoor ka ladoo, Kala Jamun, Kesaria Peda, Parwal ki Mithai and Chena Murki. Most of these dishes were originated in different cities and towns of Bihar. Earlier the best of these sweet dishes were available in their respective towns. However, in recent past, the family members of the cooks called Halwai, migrated to capital city Patna. This had made it really easier to get the best of all the sweet dishes in Patna itself. If you are fond of wet sweet dishes, you don't have to get disappointed, there is a sweet called 'khaja', deep fried flaky pastry dipped in sugar syrup and having a dry and crisp texture, that will satisfy your craving.

Though one can find Bihar cuisine in many parts of the world, but to get the best of this cuisine, one has to come to the heart of Bihar. The exquisite non vegetarian food and splendid vegetarian delicacies will make your trip to Bihar a memorable one.

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