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"The celebration of Bihar fairs and festivals is an event in itself. Drenched in joyous mood throughout the year, people of Bihar celebrates Chhath Puja and Makar Sakranti as their main festivals. Visit Bihar to experience the enriching effect of Sonepur Mela and witness the largest cattle fair in Asia along with numerous tribal festivals."
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Bihar Fairs and Festivals

Chhath Puja Celebrations
Chhath Puja Celebrations

Celebrating The Joy

Bihar is a state with people deeply inclined towards their religions and culture. And this shows in the number of festivals celebrated in the state. The festival of Bihar, whether they are tribal festivals or cultural festivals, have celebrations with something special that is above all our imaginations. Like everywhere else, festivals in Bihar too are a time for social gathering, enjoyment and new beginnings. Most of the festivals in Bihar have been carried on since the time Bihar was under Vedic religion, so these festivals still have interesting legends related to them. Even the famous Sonepur Cattle Fair is said to recreate the legend of Gajendra Moksha.

Chhath Festival

Chhath Puja is one of the main festival of people of Bihar. Chhath Puja is dedicated to Sun God and worshiping is done by everyone without the difference of cast or creed. It is celebrated right after Diwali festival. The best place to experience Chhath Puja is Bragaon near Nalanda which is noted for its Sun Temple. Unlike other festivals which are full of exuberance and expansive celebrations, Chhath Puja is more mellowed down festival for prayers. It is more of thanks giving to Sun God. One day before the Chhath Puja, people gather on the banks of River Ganga and clean themselves. They keep a fast till the late evening. After the Chhath puja, a grand feast consisting of rice, puris, bananas, coconut and grapefruits is served. On the next day, it is mandatory to keep a 24 hour fast where not even a glass of water is allowed. Women cleanse all the utensils in the home. They then go to river bank to pay their homage to Sun God. It is only after the prayers and taking a bath in the river is the fast considered over.

Makar Sakranti Mela

In the month of Paus according to Indian calender, falls one of the most important festival exclusive to Rajgir. Pilgrims from all parts of India visit Rajgir to become a part of the celebrations here. The main reason of people coming here is to take a bath in the hot springs and offer flowers at the temple. The day of Makar Sakranti starts with people taking holy dips in the river and worshiping the Sun God. The festival is celebrated in all corners of India generally as a harvest festival. This time is considered very auspicious for starting any new venture.

Sonepur Mela

Sonepur Mela is known world over for its cattle fair which is the largest one in the world. The mela happens in Sonepur on the banks of River Ganga. Sonepur is not more than 25 Km from the capital city of Patna. The mela starts on the day of Karthik Purnima, in the month of November. The cattle fair attracts traders from not only India, but other countries in Asia. No where else will you see such a huge number of elephants at one place. The elephants are generally bought by forest department or traders into log business. Apart from elephants, there are cows, horses and camels that are sold here.

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