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"There are fewer more enthralling experiences than an early morning safari through the populated wildlife parks and sanctuaries of Bihar. Watching magnificent animals like tiger, leopard and gaur roam around, rare and beautiful bird species fly past you while on your jungle safari tour in the famous Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary and Valmikinagar wildlife reserves. It's a thrilling experience."
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Bihar Wildlife

Tiger In Palamau Tiger Reserve
Tiger In Palamau Tiger Reserve

True Gifts of Nature

Bihar is truly a splendid home for wildlife. There are a total of 21 wildlife sanctuaries and 2 national parks in Bihar that makes it the best in the country for witnessing the wonders of the nature. The area covered by each of them is quite huge which gives ample space for the creatures to thrive in natural habitats. The state has taken special initiatives to take care of the animals and maintain the fragile ecosystem. The wildlife sanctuaries here are also renowned because they are home to some endangered species whose number has increased over the last few years. Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary and Valmiki Wildlife Sanctuary are the most famous of all the sanctuaries in Bihar.

These sanctuaries are also a great place for all the bird watchers as they are home to some magnificent and rare species of avi fauna. Apart from hundreds of species of resident birds, there are similar number of migratory birds coming every year during winters.

Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary

Rajgir Wildlife holds in its belly spectacles of numerous kind. The splendid sanctuary covers an area of around 34 sq km. It is definitely less than most of the sanctuaries in India, but this also makes it the most interesting as well because the number of animals is equal to any other sanctuary. Leopards, Nilgai, Barking deer, and Hyena are the most commonly seen. There are many more sanctuaries in close proximity like the Gautam Buddha Sanctuary in Gaya and Koderma Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bhimbandh Sanctuary

Situated close to Bhagalpur, the Bhimbandh Sanctuary covers an area of 682 sq km. It is more famous for the splendid bird life than land animals. There are approximately 106 varieties of resident birds. And the number of birds shoots up during the migration season (Winters) that sees birds coming from Central Asia and nesting here. Tigers, panthers, wild boars, smabar, chitals and nilgai are the most commonly seen land animals in Bhimbandh Sanctuary.

Valmikinagar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Valmiki National Park is situated inside the Valmiki Sanctuary situated in the West Champaran district of Bihar. The eastern Himalayas form the backdrop of the sanctuary making it exceptionally beautiful destination to visit. So even if you are not able to see any wildlife, you will not return disappointed. Flora here contains extensive savannah lands and marshy lands. Tigers are the amin attraction of the park . Other animals that you will see here are Sambars, leopars, nilgai, hyenas, civets and jungle cats and many more. Right adjacent to the sanctuary is the famous Valmiki Ashram.

Palamau Tiger Reserve

Spread over an area of nearly 1026 sq km, Palamau Tiger reserve is among the most interesting and rewarding sanctuaries in Bihar, and perhaps in entire India. Palamau reserve is cut across by Koel River and many of its tributaries. However most of the animals here depend on man made water resources for survival. This makes it quite easy for tourists to sight some magnificent animals. Tigers, leopards, elephants, the Indian wolf, gaur and many more are regular visitors to the shores of these man made lakes. It is nearly 180 Km from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand state. The nearest airport too is in Ranchi.

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