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"Palolem beach is visited quiet often by the locals and the tourists for the simple reason that it offers a wonderful mix of solitude and adventure. Visit this beach during your stay in Goa and feel its warmth embrace you."
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Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach, Canacona  Goa
Palolem Beach Canacona- Goa

About the beach

More than seventy kilometres from the Goan capital, Panjim is Palolem, situated in Goa's southern most taluka of Canacona or Chaudi. If you enter Goa from Karnataka, this is probably the first beach you will come across. Facing a blue bay between two headlands is Palolem. A crescent shaped bay, white sand peacefully merging into the sea, swaying coconut palms - Palolem is picture perfect. It has little wooded islands to the north. The village is located just behind the beach.

At Palolem, life seems to be just like living on the edge of the sea. Since Palolem is a tourist beach there are quite a few shacks selling sea food but the beach doesn't looks crowded. There are also some cafes and souvenir shops in the village. In spite of the commercialization, Palolem retains its charm of a village.

Things to see and do

Palolem beach has gained popularity in the last couple of years only. In 1989, it had its first beach resort. Since then, there has been no stopping and today on the beachfront you will find rows of shacks. Palolem has few bars which open till late, so you won't miss the nightlife that much actually.

At the beach

While at beach just savour the silence. Palolem does not just offers you a seclusion, it also gives you that much needed silence. Swimming is very safe at Palolem, but one should keep away from the stream during a high tide. There are shops selling odd sized, informal and bright clothes.

Some sight seeing

Pandava's drum

The area is full of legends of Pandavas. On the southern end along the stream there is a large cup shaped rock. This is known as Pandava's drum. People throw stones at it, if they hit a particular spot, a resonating sound comes.

Figueiredo House

A little further along the path you will come across Figueiredo House. The house was built in early twentieth century by Figueiredo family. It was later damaged by vandals and is now a hotel. You can check it for architecture.

The Island trip

This can be a little exploration trip for you. At the northern end of the beach there is a stream and across the stream lies a small island. Either swim across in low tide or take a ferry. There is a rocky terrain which is fun exploring. At the island, apart from the usual frolicking around, there is option of snorkelling. You can spot some sea urchins, sea missiles, sea cucumbers and some groupers. And if you care for some scenic beauty then wait till sunset, the view from island is beyond expression.

Dolphin Spotting trips

There are lots of dolphins in sea across Palolem beach. Dolphin spotting trips are available at reasonable prices. While on this trip, stop by Butterfly beach where you will feel as if you have the entire beach to yourself.


While at Palolem, make a small excursion to the nearby Patnem-Colomb beach which is just fifteen minutes walk away. Colomb has just a little cove but the vaddo of Patnem has a kilometre long beach. Secluded and untouched.


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