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"Next to beaches, Goa is best known for ist magnificent churches. Do not miss to see these standing epitomes of blended architecture."
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Churches and Convents of Goa

Se Cathedral, Old Goa
Se Cathedral, Old Goa

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One of the major tourist attractions in Goa are Churches. Goan churches are famous for their interesting architecture usually a blend of two or more forms. These institutions of religion played a major role in inclining people initially towards Christianity. And today with a significant Christian population, the churches are important in Goa's religious, cultural and social fabric.

Most of the churches during the Portuguese rule were built in Old Goa and today Old Goa along with its churches is a world heritage site. Though over a period of time a significant change has come over in the architecture of the churches but the churches built during the Portuguese rule were different. Though each of them had some uniqueness to it yet certain commonness marked them all. Be it the baroque style architecture or the ornated altars.

Though not all of them but most of them have stood fairly well over a period of time, withering a little bit in between, undergoing some repair every now and then.

Famous Goa Churches
Se Cathedral
Church of St Francis of Assisi

Basilica of Bom Jesus
Church of Lady of Rosary
Other Goa Churches

Chapel of St. Catherine

Next to the famous Church of St. Francis of Assisi stands the Chapel of St.Catherine. The original structure was built by Afonso de Albuquerque to mark his victory of November 24,1510. Originally it was a thatched structure which was later replaced and a new altar was placed in 1550. The features are distinctly Renaissance. A three storeyed facade is flanked by square towers. The chapel was restored in 1951, the vault and sacristy of the church made again using the same material.

Church of Reis Magos

This was the first church built by Franciscans in Bardez. It was built inside the Reis magos fort to serve as a garrison for the military. In the main altar is a tableau of three magi paying respect to infant Jesus. The church is located across the Mandovi bridge in Varem.

Church of Holy Spirit

This church was built on a site wher earlier a temple stood. It was razed by Jesuit Friar Antonio de Quadros and in its place was built Church of Holy Spirit in 1565. However the church was destroyed during Muslim invasion but nonetheless it was built again and that too several times. The interiors of the church are designed in true Indo-Baroque style, its spacious and simply wonderful which makes church all the more dignified. The facade is flanked by towers which are surmounted by cupolas and domes resembling a lot like the the Basilica of Bom Jesus.

Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

It is considered the landmark church of Panjim. Built in 1619, the Baroque facade of the church is flanked by two towers on either side.

Some of the more famous features of the church are its Gothic style stairs which are quite majestic. These were added in 1871 along with a central pediment which was topped by a huge bell (second largest in Goa). Also exceptionally beautiful is the church's main altar.

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