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"The cities and regions of Goa hold a number of attraction within. Visit these cities and regions during your Goa vacation and unravel their hidden treasures. You will surely be delighted and surprised."
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Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Panaji, Gao
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Panaji- Goa

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Goa, a name that oozes loads of enthusiasm and merrymaking. Visiting Goa is like treating that part of yourself that loves to party and enjoy. However, Goa is not only about partying. There is much more to it that perhaps remains clouded by the overbearing obsession for beaches and the fun associated with it.

If you wish to discover this new Goa, all you need to do is to visit the cities and regions of Goa. It is here that the life of Goa will manifest itself with all genuineness. You can see the Goans, dressed in both traditional and modern way, carrying on with their usual chores. Shop around for authentic Goan goods and stop at the food stalls to get a taste of the delicious Goan cuisine. Do not forget the Goan sweets. They will fill your mouth with their wonderful taste in a pretty same manner as the Goan holiday experience will leave its sweet memories in your heart.

Though the fact is that Goa has only about five big cities, with the rest being villages, yet a visit to these cities is a sure shot way to understand the culture of Goa on the whole. And, infact, it is almost impossible to avoid these cities and regions since they are the ones that house most of the attractions of the state.

So visit Goa and visit its cities and regions. You will be delighted by the end of your trip.

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