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"Far away from the bustling beaches, lakes and waterfalls in Goa are ideal for picnics. Nestled among the greenery of Western Ghats, the lakes are a perfect refuge in the lap of nature. Close to these you will come across a beautiful habitat of aquatic species and birds."
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Mayem Lake, Goa
Mayem Lake, Goa

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Goa, known to all as the land of golden beaches, is also gifted by mother nature with endless beauty. It's not just the beaches but Goa is also rich with a number of lakes, waterfalls and springs that make it a tourist's paradise. These waterfalls, lakes and springs away from the shores of sea, away from the hustle bustle of the beaches and thundering waves give you that perfect retreat, a perfect picnic spot and refreshing water to make a splash.

Famous lakes in Goa

Mayem Lake

Thirty five kilometres from Panaji, is this artificial lake nestled among the greenery of hills and soaked in freshness. A visit to this lake will also get you closer to the rural life of Goa. Better still, move around the lake on foot and you will discover cottages hidden in the slopes of the hills. If you fall in love then cottages are available for rent purposes also. Facility of boating is also available.

Carambolin Lake

Twelve kilometres from Panaji, is Carambolin lake in the heart of Carambolin village. A natural lake, full of blossoming water lilies, the sole source of this lake is rainwater. The lake is close to Karmali Railway Station. But there is more to this lake than just the fresh water, during monsoons the lake is inhabited by a variety of birds. It's a treat to eyes to watch these birds feeding on aquatic plants, worms and tiny fish. The feeling is as if you have come to a natural reserve. The number of birds that fly here begins from five hundred in September and reaches 10,000 by February when the monsoon season ends. You can spot Pintail Ducks, Purple Moorhen, Lesser Whistling Teal, Cattle Egret, Pond Heron, Coots, Little Egret, Red Rumped Swallow, Cotton Pygmy Goose, Marsh Harriers. There is no end to the list. Its for you to came and visit this panorama.

Curtorim lake

Another lake in South Goa Curtorim is gaining popularity of late as a destination for bird watchers. In fact Curtorim is ecologically better than Carambolim lake since the killer Weed Salvinia is not present here. The lake has been maintained by the efforts of the locals around. Boating facility is also available here.

Famous springs in Goa

Kesarval springs

Twenty two kilometres from Panaji lies Kesarval spring. The spring comes out of hard rocks on the Verna plateau. The spring is believed to be infested with medicinal properties and a large number of people bath in the lake for health. One can reach the spring by taking the national highway leading to Margao. Surrounded among the tropical woodlands and swaying betel palms lays Kesarval. The spring is in its full swing in monsoons when it is full of life, however, it is weak in summers.

Vhoddli Zhor and Dhakti Zhor

Zhor in Konkani means spring. These two springs lie in the village of Narora . The village also has the famous Saptakoteshwar temple. People coming to see the temple also drop by these springs. Lying in the rustic surroundings, nestled among the wooded valley and fruit trees is Vhoddli Zhor or spring. The spring is a favourite picnic spot with the locals and at times tourists can also be seen enjoying the charming beauty.

Medicinal springs

These springs are located on the Baga beach. If you are tired with the salty sea water or want a health rejuvenation, then escape from Baga and head here. The medicinal springs can be reached by taking the narrow road past the Bom Viagem Convent along the cashew covered foothills, and there you are in Springs at Mottant. This is an ideal spot for picnics and bathing as water is considered to be medicinal here.

Famous waterfalls in Goa

Dudhsagar waterfalls

Sixty kilometers from Goa, on the Goa Karnataka are the Dudhsagar waterfalls. The name being such because from distance the waterfall looks as if streams of milk (dudh) are flowing down. Falling from a height of two thousand feet, Dudhsagar falls are among the 100 highest waterfalls in the world and one of highest falls in the country. Situated among the tropical forests, plunging down the western ghats into a crescent shaped valley, the falls present a breathtaking view from the bottom and a even better one from the top. Though journey to the top takes at least a couple of hours passing through the bushes, boulders and water but its worth that. One can also swim at the bottom of the fall.

Arvalem Waterfalls

Nine kilometers south of Bicholim town, as you come out of the Rudreshwar temple, descend down the stairs and a twenty four feet high waterfall will welcome your sight. Arvalem waterfall forms a huge lake at the bottom. One can either take a swim or if you want to explore a bit, the place has Arvalem caves. The waterfall, is fully rapturous after the monsoon. The government has also made a park here from where one can enjoy the scenic beauty.


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