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"One of the most happening beaches of Goa, Anjuna attracts a whole lot of visitors from both India and abroad. Visit this beach in Goa and be a part of the enthusiasm that seems to float around."
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Anjuna Beach Hotels, Goa, India

Anjuna Beach, Mapusa Goa
Anjuna Beach, Mapusa- Goa

About the beach

Situated eight kilometers west of Mapusa, Anjuna beach is the most happening of all beaches, one rather say its the mother of all beaches in Goa. This freak capital of the world is on holiday round the year. Bordered by red laterite cliffs and white sands, the beach presents a contrasting color view. And ever swinging with winds, coconut plantation just adds to the serenity of enjoying a cool breeze on the beach. People flocking this beach are so varied in their interests, yet they all come to Anjuna for the same reason. No one wants to miss the sensation of being on a beach that has been the hub of trance parties since decades. The magic of Anjuna beach can't be put to words, only experienced, maybe in a hopping beach party under a moon lit sky.

History of Anjuna beach is quite young. The beach was 'discovered' sometime in 1950's and 60's by a group of travellers and then they began to meet here in dry season to party.

One of the biggest beaches, the vastness of Anjuna can be realized by the fact that there is a north, a south and a middle to the beach. While most of the hotels, bars and restaurants are in north Anjuna, towards the middle Anjuna is Flea market and in the south is Little Anjuna Beach. The business on Anjuna, be it the stretching sprawl of restaurants or the flea market, is a swirling activity, yet it has that laid back holiday destination feeling to it. The magnet in Anjuna is such that anyone and everyone coming here gets immersed in the culture of Anjuna.

Things to see and do

There is no end to fun, adventure and thrill on Anjuna. Once there leave your inhibitions and get into the party mood. Its difficult to say what's the main attraction of this beach, the beach parties, walking through the beach on moonlit night or the ever so famous Flea market.

The Acid House Party

The party never stops on Anjuna. Its the party hard spirit that makes Anjuna a rave venue for big parties and party animals, especially during the Christmas and new year period. Usually the nightlife of Anjuna centers at Shore bar which is in the middle of the beach. The sound system here is pounding and music really funky. The night comes alive with trance music from London. There is no dearth of party places. All you need to do is just swing into the party mood and voila! the fun begins.

Wednesday Flea market

A tradition decades old, a major tourist attraction and a bustling business centre, Flea market held every Wednesday dates back to 1970's when it began as a place where hippies who were either broke or were leaving sold their possessions. Banned for several years for allegedly promoting drug trafficking, Flea market was revived eight years back by Anjuna Panchayat. The popularity of the market among the locals and tourists can be judged by traffic jams here every Wednesday. But once there, Flea market will offer you with a range of products so unique that it will be a memory of a lifetime. From a used paperback to a haircut, cameras to elephant rides, Tibetan, Kashmiri and Gujarati trinkets and handicrafts, to cassettes of "Goa Trance" there is no end to the variety here. Flea market is a heaven for hardcore shoppers and good bargainers. The market begins around noon and goes on till sunset. Once in Goa, you can't afford to miss this riot of colors.

Get into the Mood

Swimming is safe at southern end where a rocky terrain keeps the sea calm and undertow to a minimum. Long walks along the beach under the shining moon will soothe you beyond imagination and watching the sun going down is every tourists favorite pastime. Take a walk to the Baga retreat house to get to some sea cure shops. On calm days one can enjoy snorkeling at the southern end and spot some mullet, parrot fish and groupers.

Some Sightseeing

There are quite a few structures to tickle your architectural bone. There's a Albuquerque Mansion which was built in 1920. It is flanked by octagonal towers and Mangalore tile roof. Another mansion is Mascarenhas Mansion which has rich and classic 'balcoes' (balconies). An L shaped seat along the porch is carved out of expensive wood. There are also some fine stained glass floral etchings. And to catch up with some scenic beauty of the Anjuna beach, mount Chapora fort. This fort was under Muslim rulers before Portuguese came to Goa.


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