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"Despite large numbers of temples and churches in Goa, the presence of mosques signifies its small but important Muslim population."
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Information on The Mosques of Goa

Safa Shahouri Masjid, Goa
Safa Shahouri masjid Mosque in Goa

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Long before Portuguese came to Goa, it had become ground of tussle between Hindus and Muslims. Sultan of Bijapur Adil Shah was one of the more prominent Muslims present here.

Little traces of Muslim presence are here today. There are few mosques and some tombs which lie in the outskirts of Goa.

Jama Masjid

This mosque is relatively young, it underwent a complete renovation in 1959. The facade is marked by two elegant turrets surmounted by pillar kiosks. What adds to the real beauty of the structure is the dome shaped kiosk which is at the centre of four minarets. The structure on the whole is remarkable for its harmonious proportions and elegance marked by simplicity.

Safa Masjid

This mosque was built by Ibrahim Adil Shah of Bijapur. Next to the Mosque is a a masonry tank which has small chambers with 'mehrab' designs. The prayer hall of the mosque is above a high base and the the roof is pointed, made out of terracotta tile roof. The walls are decorated by Islamic arches. When the mosque was built it was very magnificent in its beauty, gardens and fountains surrounded it. They were subsequently destroyed during Portuguese invasion. The major festivals Id-Ul-Fitr and Id-Ul-Zuha are celebrated here with great pomp.


This Namazgah was built by Mughal ruler Akbar and is situated on the picturesque hill of Bicholim. Here was the tomb of Hazrat Abdullah Khan Shahid where Maratha king, Sambhaji had prayed for victory over Portuguese and had declared a grant for its upkeep which later Akbar had fulfilled.


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