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"While you holiday in Goa, missing a date with the spa is not a wise idea. Spas in Goa have fast gained popularity with domestic as well as international tourists. With their years of experience and age old therapies of Ayurveda taken straight out of Kerela school of ayurveda, be rest assurred that the money and time are worth it."
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Goa Ayurveda & Spa

Ayurveda and Spa
Ayurveda and Spa

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In earlier times, ashrams were the places of seeking health. People lived under the guidance of sages to recuperate. These ashrams were not luxurious materialistically, but together with ayurveda, yoga and meditation, they worked wonders.

Switch over to the present times, the ashrams have been replaced by stylish spas. These spas use the same age old Ayurveda, along with the some modern day therapies and techniques and yoga asans to help you transform into a newer self. Ayurveda institutes have found out and marketed the secrets of natural herbs. These are used by spas not just in India but across the Globe. In the words of Spa brochures ' you discover a newer self', 'your body, soul and mind are united' , 'you experience a rejuvenated physical, emotional and spiritual being'.

India is fast emerging as a health holiday destination with spas playing a major role in it. Goa today houses some of the award winning spas of the country. Located far away from the hustle bustle of the cities in tranquil locales within nature's bounty, these spas are sure shot stress busters.

The Spa and Ayurveda packages include free consultation and guidance at the hands of experts. These spas unlike the ashrams are luxury personified. Coupled with all the modern amenities of a luxury hotel, these spas are spread in acres of lush green lawns and an unfettered sea view. Adding to your experience is architectural resemblance of these spas to the traditional architecture .So you are completely submersed in your surroundings and carried away to a different world.

The science of Ayurveda has been in India since time immemorial. This heritage of the sages has today won accolades not just by the Indian scientists but also from the west.

The 'in' Treatments

On every turn you will come across an Ayurvedic massage centre in Goa. That might come light on pocket but you will miss the 'real' experience and unless you have one you will never realize what you have missed. Its best to stick to the hotel spas if you really want to know what real spas are.

There are certain 'in' treatments which are common to all the spas, though for adding personal touches to the treatment, their names might be touched up!

'Shirodhara' is for the starters, for the first timers in spa. A wooden table made out of neem wood which will look impossibly hard to lie down on will be your bed. A gentle stream of oil will come pouring down on your forehead vertically from a terracotta pot hanging above. For forty minutes at stretch for 7 to 21 days is generally recommended for profound effect, but after one sitting only you will come out with drowsy eyes thinking about the unity of your body and mind.

'Pizhichil' is something different, stripes of clothes are dipped in warm ayurvedic oils and wrapped over your body. The treatment works wonders for arthritis, paralysis and other nervous disorders. The stripes are applied in rhythmic order by two or more therapists for around 45 to 90 minutes. After a single sitting only you will feel like infused with vitality.

'Udvarthanam' is for those who don't prefer much of oil, generally foreigners. Herbal powders are massaged all over the body and it's usually recommended for skin disorders and obesity.

'Ahbayangam' is also a body massage where strokes vary from person to person. Recommended for getting rid of adamant body fat and diabetic gangrene.

'Kizhi' is the bundle massage, where a poultices of herbs or powders dipped into oil is gently hit on the body.

'The Ayurvedic Spas in Goa'

Goa houses some of the world known spas of the world, like the Taamra spa in Taj Exotica. The interiors of the spa are done like a Kerela temple infusing you with positive vibes. Another recommended spa is the Jiva spa, Taj Aguada. 'Ayurdharma' at the Radisson and the Goa Marriott spa are popular options.

But if you don't want to burn deep holes in your pocket then there is the 'Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre' which is a proper ayurvedic hospital. Also, the 'Amrita Kerela ayurvedic' are wise choices.


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