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"Gujarat is a multicolored land which offers everything that will capture the canvas of your imagination. It is that wonderful place where sea meets the sparkling sand, lush green jungles are populated with a variety of wild species and white marble temples mirror the glory of the Golden past."
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Gujarat People

Fifteen Hundred fairs and 2,000 festivals every year - that is the fantastic diversity Gujarat offers, a unique cultural heritage like no other. More than 200 of these are unforgettable occasions that attract tens of thousands of people - mostly villagers, who are the jewels of these festive occasions. Their colourful traditional dresses and jewellery, in itself a revelation of their creative instincts to extract - and reflect the best of their surroundings -without ever straining or being in conflict -with their environment - make these already beautiful faces even more beautiful to behold. Though rooted in religion, commemorating mythological events, or in honour of gods, goddesses or saints, Fairs and festivals are in fact truly secular socials in which people of all faith participate.

International Kite Festival
Modhera Dance Festival
Vadodara & Bharuch

Bhavnagar & Palitana
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