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"The state of Jammu and Kashmir has become world famous for the numerous adventure option that are available here. Tourist from all over the world come to this alpine region to indulge in adventure sports like trekking, mountaineering, white water rafting, hail skiing, para gliding, and hot air ballooning. J&K also one of the best destinations for taking up golf sports facilitating the finest golf course in India."
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Adventure In Jammu and Kashmir

Skiing, Kashmir
Skiing, Kashmir

Adventure Amidst The Green Meadows At The Backdrops of Himalayan Peaks

If something beckons tourist as much as the natural beauty of Jammu and Kashmir, it is definitely the adventure possibility that prevails in these mystical lands by the foot of Himalayas. The presence of Himalayas is the greatest asset that made J&K, arguably the best destination for adventure sport in India. The one thing one might feel is the absence of long coastlines and sea, which had been overshadowed by the natural, pristine Dal Lake giving more adventure sports options besides adding the glow to the panoramic vista of this sceneric splendor. The fast flowing rivers gives an amazing opportunity for water sports like white water rafting, fishing, cruising, and staying in houseboats. Being situated at high altitudes, amidst the snow capped mountains, the state has got the privilege of both land adventure like trekking, mountaineering, skiing and facilities of aero-sports like Para gliding and hot air ballooning. The place is perfect for tyro as well as veteran adventurers as there are spots of minimal difficulties for learners and areas that are hard nut to crack even for the professionals. Adventure in J&K is an experience that nothing else can compare up to. So don't let this opportunity go by and grab it with both hands.

Land Adventure Sports

Land adventures are probably the most indulged sports in the state. The possibilities here are immense starting from trekking in the high mountains to skiing down the snowy slopes. Gulmarg has become world famous for the skiing facilities all over the world for its thick snow covers during the month of December, Januarray, ranging from 2600 m to 3200 m hosting the skiing lovers at all levels. Mountaineering and trekking in the steep hills of Himalaya and Karakoram range is quite challenging and gives an edge to climbing enthusiast. Zanskar and Ladakh are the best place where you can take up monutaineering sports.

Aero Sports

Jammu is the best place in the state where you can look for aero-sports like hot air ballooning, Para gliding, famous activities that attracts many adventure lovers here. There are many training camps that are set up here for Para gliding. These camps also provide tourists with all the equipment's required. You can experience hot air ballooning in Sanasar valley and Zanskar, which have become really popular.

Water Sports

Jammu and Kashmir is home to some of the most fast paced rivers in the world. Crushing the high rises, these water giants make their way through the moonscape lands of Zanskar and Ladakh making the perfect setting for white water rafting. The main rivers in the region that are used for adventure activities are River Indus and River Zanskar. There are many agencies that offers training facilities in low waters before taking up into the real world of wrestling with the water. These rivers are fed by melting glaciers making the water permanently ice cold. So it is better that you wear wet jackets before you indulge in white water rafting. Although not very famous, but angling is fast catching up as a popular sport in Jammu and Kashmir. There are many lakes that provide the facility of angling especially in Pahalgam. A permit is required to participate in the activity but the efforts are really worth it.

All seasons are permissible to take up any adventurer activity in Jammu and Kashmir. Be it winters or summers, there is always something that will keep you engage. Summers are quite pleasant and provide with perfect conditions for trekking and mountaineering through the steep mountains. Come winters, and all is set for you to take up your skiing gear and hit the snowy ramps. Come to Jammu and Kashmir to explore the many marvels that you can see and many adventure wonders that you can do.

Adventure Sports
Siachen Glacier

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