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"Jammu and Kashmir is the state that has few of the most renowned lakes in the world, nestling thousands of feet above. The magic of shimmering Dal Lakes is tough to get away from, explore the city on a lake boat showcasing some of the most breathtaking panoramic vistas of nature."
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Jammu and Kashmir Lakes

Dal Lake, Srinagar
Dal Lake, Srinagar

Lakes In J&K - Flowing Crystals

Nature has showered Jammu and Kashmir with many gifts and probably the best in India. And the most scintillating of all are the numerous lakes that sparkle like diamond on the face of this state. The lakes have become the greatest tourist attraction in Jammu and Kashmir due to their exceptional beauty and astounding serenity. Not only are these lakes charming, but they also serving as the source of livelihood for many citizens. Dal Lake, which is the most visited lake in the state, is home to many people who live in houseboats. The lakes are the major means of livelihood for the people of Jammu Kashmir as major population depends on the marine life and the vegetation. They have also played an important role in pushing up the tourism in the state hence contributing in the national income of India.

Dal Lake

Dal Lake is situated in the center of all attractions in Srinagar stretching around 18 sq. km that makes it the second largest lake in the state. The lake is surrounded by gigantic Himalayan ranges and exquisite gardens that make it the most hangout zone for the locals and the tourist from all over the world. The shores of the lake are also as charming as the lake itself. The moment you enter the premises, the first thing that you will notice will be the grand houseboat that are scattered through out the lake. Stay in one of the many houseboats amidst of the lake. The lake offers many more exciting activities that you can indulge in like kayaking, canoeing and water surfing. An excellent location for fishing, you can indulge into after getting a valid license from the tourism department. The most enchanting activity here is a boat ride, explore the magic of Dal Lake in a breathtaking ride on decorated Shikaras.

Nagin Lake

Nagin lake is located just a small distance away from Dal Lake. In fact both the water bodies are interconnected by a small water channel. Just like Dal Lake, this lake also freezes in the winter. But in summer time the water is pleasantly cool. The lake is one of the best ions, which you can enjoy a captivating round of boating. Even in the middle of the lake you can experience the thrill of shopping. There are boats that are full-fledged shops on the move. You can buy eateries, exquisite handicrafts, even the famous Pashmina shawls, and if you wish, you can even make a call from the mobile phone booths.

Wular Lake

Wular Lake is the largest lake in India and the largest freshwater lake in entire Asia fed by River Jhelum. Located around 40 km northwest of Srinagar, the lake was formed due to tectonic activity in the region and covers an area of 189 sq. km. The main attractions of the lake are the ruins of an island in the middle of the lake that was built by King Zain-Ul-Abidin in the 15th century. The other noticeable thing is the abundance of marine life in the lake. Wular Lake accounts for more than 60 percent fish yield of Kashmir. If you are a keen bird watcher, winter season is the time for you when the lake becomes the nesting ground for many migratory birds like Little Egzet, Shoveler, Short toed Eagle and many more.

Pangong Lake

The lake is situated at a distance of 160 km from Leh. The drive which starts from the Thiksey village, to this lake in itself is an experience of a life time. Once you reach the lake, one thing is for sure that your travel plan will definitely go haywire. The beauty of the lake will tempt you to stay here for as long as you possibly can. Located at an altitude of 14,256 feet above sea level, this is the highest brackish lake in the world. The lake is also very lengthy and is around 250 km long. Only 150 km belongs to India, rest 100 km is in the territory of China. Due to this, you will find a huge settlement of Indian army here. The beauty of the lake is further enhanced by the presence of few of the most beautiful birds like the black necked Siberian crane.

Whatever your soul is craving for, the lakes of Jammu and Kashmir have it ready for you. If you are looking for absolute serenity, there is no place better than the sceneric lake view. If you are looking for adventure activities, there is no place better than the lakes offering plethora of adventure sport activities. And if you are looking for spell binding beauty of royal stay on the houseboats, there is still no place better than the lakes here. It is, as if, through the medium of lakes, nature is trying to tell you that you are special and so should be your experiences.

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