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"If shopping is a major part of your traveling plans, gear yourself for the shopping experience in the scintillating markets of Jammu and Kashmir which will be for sure, supreme of all. From flower and jewelry to antiques and gizmos, Jammu and Kashmir will cater to all your wishes and prove to be your dream-shopping destination."
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Jammu And Kashmir Shopping

Shopping at a Shikara, Kashmir
Shopping at a Shikara

Shopping In J&K - Make Every Moment Memorable

Shopping invariably has been the most famous activity that tourists indulge in Jammu and Kashmir. J&K is a land of different religions and tribes. And every tribe have their own specialty when it comes to making different and unique products. The three regions Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh are completely incomparable in terms of things that you can buy from here. The arts and crafts are the most shopped items in the state. The traditional clothes are also very popular among travelers. . But things that you will get in common from all the three regions is quality and variety.

Papier Mache

Shopping In Jammu and Kashmir is really a very unique experience and the most exclusive things that the state offers are Papier Mache objects. The objects are made of two different raw materials. One is paper and the other is cardboard. The items that are made up of paper are more expensive than their counterpart that is made up of cardboard. You will find a number of items in this category that you can take home as souvenirs like pen stand, table lamps, wall hangings, fancy glasses and other decorative items that can adorn you showcase and increase its elegance

Wooden Items

Most famous wood items are made up of walnut wood. The wood has this special quality that it retains its strength even after heavy carvings done on it. Even though the wood is present in plenty, they are the most expensive due to the quality. Apart from exquisite house furniture, other items made of wood that are available in the market are jewelery boxes, pen stands, table lamps, portraits, and numerable showpieces. There are special shops as well that only deal in wooden items. Bargaining in such shops is also a great experience. One thing that should be kept in mind while shopping for such items is that there will be two items that will look the same but the quality of the wood used might be as different as chalk and cheese. Be careful that you don't pay more for an item of low quality.

Traditional Clothes

Traditional clothes are something without which you just cannot leave J&K. The clothes of J&K are the front runners in the list that made Jammu and Kashmir world famous and one of the most visited tourist spots. Main attraction definitely is the shawls that are made here. The material that is used for the making the shawls is called Pashmina wool, which is one of the smoothest varieties of wool. The touch of the shawl itself will leave you mesmerized and the magnificent embroidery will only make it difficult for you to choose, not whether to buy it or not, but which one to buy and how many to buy. Silk sarees is the other item that is famous for its quality and elegance.

Ladakh Shopping Magic

Ladakh region is so much different from the rest of the state that it deserves to be mentioned separately. The religion followed here is Buddhism and whatever you will find here will have a religious tinge to it. The popular item for shopping in Ladakh are the handicrafts like the prayer wheels, Buddhist masks and Thangka paintings. You will also find the traditional attire quite appealing. Locally made woolen items like socks, gloves, sweaters and caps are also quite famous among tourist. Products like pashmina shawl and silk sarees that are more prominent in Jammu and Kashmir regions can also be bought from here.

Shopping in Jammu and Kashmir is an experience that will remain etched in your memory for quite long. The places where you can literally buy these memories are the many market places that light up the face of this state. In Jammu the main shopping areas are Vir Marg, Raghunath Bazaar and Hari Market. In Srinagar, you can visit Lal Chowk and Badshah Chowk for the best in the town. Ladakh has two main markets, Tibetan market and Moti market.

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