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"Beaches of Karnataka are just the place that you have been searching for. Caressed by blue waters and stretches of golden sands, Karnataka beaches never fail to fascinate its guests. Spotted with some exquisite temples and forts, one can never get enough of Karnataka Beaches."
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Karnataka Beach Tourism

Murudeswar Beach - Bhatkal
Murudeswar Beach - Bhatkal

Beaches in Karnataka - Sand And Solace

Adorning the western coast of India, beaches of Karnataka are an epitome of beauty, grace and calmness. Covering a length of 320 Km, they are among the best tourist attraction in Karnataka. The beaches of Karnataka offer you a world totally unknown but highly craved for. To cut loose from the mundane and exhausting chores and to rejuvenate yourself, there is no better way than spending some quality time by the side of shimmering blue Arabian Sea. Many of the beaches are still to be discovered by tourists. As most of the locales here live a slow life, and are not much into promoting tourism, these heavenly beaches remain under wraps. Dotted with fascinating temples and forts, you are in for a lot more than just water sports and sunbathing.

Murudeshwar Beach

Murudeshwar Beach proves to be a splendid place for pilgrims as well as for tourists. Just 1 Km from Bhatkal, Murudeshwar is among the most visited beaches in Karnataka. There is a temple build in Murudeshwar, at a place where the part of Pranalinga thrown by King Ravana fell. The temple is brimming with exquisite statues and carvings. The temple is visited by numerous pilgrims throughout the year. Situated between unending seas, and ever so high mountains, Murudeshwar is a splendid place to spend time alone or for a picnic with your family.

Malpe Beach

Situated just 6 Km from Udupi, Malpe beach is the most gracious beaches of all. No other beach offers so much calm and tranquility mixed with such stupendous beauty. Lying under the shadow of swaying palm trees, listening to the winds ruffling its leaves, rejuvenates the soul to the deepest. When on Malpe beach, do not forget to explore the island of Darya Bahadurgadh. On the island, visit Balarama Temple and Malpe's oldest tile factory. Another island, to where you can plan a trip to, is St. Mary's Island. The island is 300 m long and 100 m wide and its uniqueness is in the basalt rock formations that rise abruptly from the sea bed in various shapes.

Marawanthe Beach

Beaches of Marawanthe are among the best that are there in Karnataka. Marawanthe Beach is sandwiched between sea at one side and highway and Sauparnika River on the other side. One thing is for sure that there is no place better than Marawanthe Beach to enjoy a sunset. Most of the beach remains un-congested throughout the day. Just few fishermen carrying on with their daily chores and kids playing with the sand. Though some parts of the beach offer options for water-sports as well. Taking a walk in the late evening, under the streetlights, over the cool sands, is a feeling that is set to stay with you for the rest of your life.

Karwar Beaches

Not only is it the most popular among locales, tourists too find the splendid town of Karwar extremely appealing. Karwar coast has beaches that are fringed with high mountains and valleys on one side and stretches of golden sand and tranquil sea on the other. It is said that the beauty of this place inspired the great Rabindranath Tagore to write down his first play. Apart from enjoying a refreshing sunbath on the beaches, walk around to find other attractions like Sadashivgad Fort, Durga Temple inside the fort, hundreds of year old Venkatrama Temple, an octagonal church and Naganatha Temple which make visiting these beaches even more worth. There are five islands off the coast of Karwar. Of which, the most beautiful is the enchanting Devbagh island.


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