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"The beaches in Kerala are an abode of serene beauty, nonetheless activities to enjoy are immense. Kerala Beach Travel is one great option to enjoy this beauty. Visit beaches of Kerala on your trip and feel the magical spell tahe Kerala and Kerala beaches casts on you. And to give you an experience of a lifetime, Kerala beach tour is here to help you."
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Kerala Beaches and Beach Holiday Options

Varkala Beach,  Kerala
Varkala Beach- Kerala

About Beaches In Kerala

Kerala is one of those states in India that defies the belief that attractions cease to have an impact on visitors after a while. Tourists throng to this small state again and again to find something new everytime. At every step, Kerala springs up new surprise and fascinates its guests. One of these significant attractions are beaches of Kerala. Infact, on its western side, Kerala is bounded by the Arabian Sea and its shoreline extends upto 600 km. It is this shoreline that houses some of the best beaches in Kerala and also of the country, or rather of the world.

For some of you, beaches are same everywhere, however, once in Kerala, you will realize that this is not so. Each one of the Kerala beach has its own charm and you will be left with a feeling of seeing and experiencing something new everytime. And to make these beach holidays a lifetime affair do click lots of Kerala beaches photos, so that anytime you need some peace you can adore them.

Famous Beaches of Kerala


Kovalam Beach Varkala

Other Beaches

Bekal Beach

This beach is merely 14 km away from the city of Kasodgarh in the district by the same name in the northernmost part of Kerala. The beach boasts of a 3 century old fort in its background which lends its a historic significance. The panoramic beauty here is breathtaking.

Beypore Beach

This one is in the Kozikode district of Kerala and also an erstwhile significant port city of the state. Right from the very beginning, Beypore has been renowned for its excellent construction of Urs, the Arabian trading vessel. These ships were in huge demand earlier and even today, shipbuilders, known as Khalasis, have big customer line up from Middle East as well as across Arabian Sea. On your visit to the Beypore beach, you can still find experienced Khalasis at their work (which surprisingly is completely manual).

Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach lies at a distance of 45 km from the Ernakulam city and forms the border of the popular Vypeen Island. It is highly popular amongst tourists because of Dolphins. Dolphins, of course exude an infinite beauty and perhaps even make the hearts of visitors leap out in delight. Swimming is also quiet a good option in the Cherai beach.

Dharmadam Beach

This beach is the pride of an island known by the same name. Spread in an area of five acres, this island is not a public property which means that permission has to be sought before you can actually step on the sands of this beach. The beautiful island with coconut palms and green bushes is located at a distance of 17 km from the Kannur town (in the district of same name) in the northern part of Kerala.

Ezhimala Beach

This beach is also located in the Kannur district of Kerala and has a 286 m high hill to add to its majestic look. At the foothill are few noteworthy sites including a carved stone pillars and an ancient burial chamber. The plants that grow on the hill are believed to have medicinal properties. A Naval Academy is being developed here.

Moppila Bay

Located in the Kannur district, the Moppila Bay shot into limelight during the reigns of Kolathiri. However, the bay is presently recognized as a fishing harbour. For a bit of sightseeing, there are ruins of an old fort (St Angelo's) and a temple.

Muzhappilangad Beach

This beach is widely known for its length which is perhaps the largest in entire Kerala. The beach which is located in the Kannur district is pleasantly clean and allows safe waters for swimming. The particular feature of this beach that sets it apart from the other beaches is that it is the only drive in beach in entire Kerala.

Pathiramanal Beach

Lying in the Vembanad Lake, the Pathiramanal island has a mythological legend attached to it. The island is home to numerous variety of migratory and endangered birds.

Payyambalam beach

Situated close to the Kannur town, the Payyambalam beach is counted amongst the best beaches of Kerala because of its serene beauty. Opportunities to relax and sunbathe is plenty. The beach has also a historical significance attached to it in the form of mortal remains of famous personalities like Swadeshabimani Ramakrishna Pillai, A.K. Gopalan, Pamban Madavan and K.G. Marar are buried here.

Shankhumugham Beach

This is beach is quiet favourite amongst the lovers of nature. Pretty close to the Thiruvananthapuram Airport and Veli Tourist Village, this beach provides easy access for visitors. There is also a 35 m large sculptural image of a mermaid known as 'Matsya Kanyaka'.

Thangassery Beach

This beach and its little village has a historical significance to make them popular. There is a lighthouse that welcomes visitors desirous of paying a visit. The village also has the remnants of an old Portuguese fort.

Thirumullavaram Beach

With fresh air flowing all around, the Thirumullavaram beach is just perfect to enjoy a walk early in the morning. The swaying coconut palm trees contribute to the tranquil beauty as you watch fishermen setting out to the sea in search of catch. Bathing is quiet a good option in this beach.


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