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"Visit the famous cities of Kerala and unveil a plethora of attractions that lay hidden within. A rich amalagamation of nature and culture will greet you on your visit to Kerala cities. Enjoy your hassle free Kerala sightseeing of these cities and let the magic of God's Own Country spell its charm on you."
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City Guide - Cities of Kerala, India

Trivandrum City- Kerala
Trivandrum City- Kerala

About Cities of Kerala

Kerala is 'God's own country' and the cities in Kerala are most definitely the blessed places. You feel a difference the moment you step into any of the Kerala city from outside the state. It is refreshing, both for your soul and mind. If you are visiting for the first time, you probably will be surprised to find so much of nature's bounties in one single state. There is greenery, vast stretches of backwaters, even more vast stretches of sea, huge mountains, waterfalls, forests, plantations and many more of nature's gift in this state to amaze you at every step. For a more frequent visitor, it is the best place to retreat from the maddening rush and stressful regular life.

Kerala Sightseeing - Enjoy The Charm of Kerala Cities

However, the cities of Kerala are not just about natural beauty. Rather, it is much more about its people, their lifestyle and culture. The people are extremely traditional and have stuck to their customs even while keeping pace with the modern developments. Probably this is the reason why Kerela's education level is highest in the country. Head out on the streets of Kerala's cities and see how modernity has adapted well with traditionality. There are women in their six metre saree as well as young girls in a pair of jeans and a top chatting in both Malayalam and English, savouring both coconut water and a soft drink with equal ease. You will feel elated at this marvellous blend that makes travelling at cities in Kerala so special.

Destination Kerala - What To See In Kerala India Cities

Moreover, every city has its own history to relate and its own legend to revel in. There are temples, churches, mosques that speak volumes of the religious diversity in the state and there are forts and palaces that are a standing reminder of past. Also, there are shopping centres displaying the art and craft items of the state and restaurant serving exotic Kerala cuisine. You can pick up few items from the shops as a memory of your visit and relish the delectable dishes to greatest of your satisfaction.

So, begin an unforgettable journey of your life by visiting the cities of Kerala. But remember do not forget to grab a copy of Kerala city map for easy navigation through the state.

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Trivandrum City


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