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"With abundant natural beauty all around, Kerala invites all those interested in eco tourism to have a gala time at its beaches, hill stations, wildlife parks etc. The Eco tourist destinations in Kerala exude a charm that will leave you overwhelmed."
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Kerala Eco Tourism Information, Tourism Guide

Wild life at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
Wild life at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary - Kerala

The term Eco tourism encompasses a whole lot of thing. For the starter it means visiting all those regions that exude a striking richness in their culture and nature. Moreover, eco tourism also implies being sensitive to one's surroundings and customs. This means that tourists are pretty well aware of the significance these places have in our lives and the need to protect them from being eroded by the fast pace of development. Last but definitely not the least, Eco Tourism means opening up different places for visit and in process generate employment and business.

Kerala is a very small part of India, nonetheless, its richness, both in terms of nature and culture is widely known, accepted and appreciated. The greenery that abounds Kerala is not only relaxing but also refreshing. There's no other better way to revive your spirited self than to roam around in the green patches of Kerala. Infact, the Western Ghats that borders Kerala on its eastern side has been declared one of the 25 spots in the world that despite covering a meagre 1.4% of the land surface provide shelter to 60% of the world's plant, bird, mammal, reptile, and amphibian species.

Eco Tourism Destinations in Kerala

Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks - The Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks of Kerala cover a considerable portion of the state. These Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks provide shelter to a number of endangered as well as rare species of wild animals and birds. So, there is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary housing a large number of Tigers and Elephants, the Kumarakom and Thekkady Sanctuary attracting a number of local and migratory species of birds and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary giving excellent shelter to the endangered Giant Grizzled Squirrel. A visit to these Wildlife Sanctuary and National Parks will allow you to the watch the other inhabitants of the earth leading a life diametrically different from ours. Moreover, some of these parks and sanctuaries are still the residence of the tribal people. Visit them and uncover another cultural aspect of Kerala.

Beaches - If wildlife dominates mostly the eastern side of Kerala, then the beaches hold their own on the western part of the state. Flanked by the Arabian Sea, the western part of the state has a number of beaches that are a delight for the lover of eco tourism. The smooth sands sometimes glowing brilliantly in the rays of sun while other times washed away by the rushing waves makes for a pleasant picture. Laze around, build sand castles or indulge in some water sports - beaches have all this and much more to pamper your child like heart as well as enthusiastic spirit.

Backwaters - Kerala Backwaters, the undisputable king of all the tourists attraction in the state, is a network of rivers, canals, lagoons. The backwaters of Kerala meander unhurriedly through paddy fields, remote hamlets and plantations offering you a chance to witness life at its leisurely best. Also, the lives of the people in these remote destinations reveals a lot about Kerala's culture and traditions. Ride a canoe for a quick visit or stay in a houseboat to elongate your pleasure but just make a point that Kerala Backwaters missed means half the fun of your visit to the state is gone. Important Backwater destinations include Alappuzha, Kozhikode, Kollam, Kochi etc.

Plantations - Plantation visit in Kerala include a trip to the tea, rubber and spice plantations. Initially, these plantations were not open for tourist visit, nevertheless, today they make for an excellent tourists destination. These Plantations are a vast expanse of greenery where mind unfailingly finds an atmosphere to relax and heart jumps to celebrate the beauty that plays in the lap of mother nature. So stay in a plantation farmhouse, interact with people working at the plantation, venture out for a nature walk, spot cute little animals appear from almost nowhere and run right infront of you and gaze the birds as they fly over your head giving you a gentle feeling of being free after a long time. Moreover, the actual process that goes into the making of tea, rubber and spice are a huge attraction. It will make you aware of how much efforts goes into making of these things.

Hill Stations - Hill Stations of Kerala are abode of natural beauty par excellence. Visit these places to simply let yourself enjoy a feel of floating in the air. Watch the sun rise from behind the hill in the morning and later set in the evening from various view points of hill stations. Let the cool air blow on your face and caress your hair. In brief, the hill stations of Kerala means a rendezvous with nature and its beauty. Important hill stations of Kerala include Munnar, Ponmudi, Idukki, Wayanad etc.

Eco Resorts - Eco Resorts are fast gaining popularity amongst eco tourists for the simple reason that they allow to get close to the nature while enjoying the luxuries of a star category resort. So stay at these eco resorts in Kerala and enjoy a fresh whiff of air laden with aromatic fragrance of flowers while sipping in warm cup of coffee, have your breakfast listening to the mellifluous tunes of birds and take a walk around resort to feel the best of both worlds. Important eco resorts include Spice Village Hotel, Taj Garden Retreat, and Lake Palace Hotel.

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