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"Kerala houseboats are the best way to explore the magical backwaters of Kerala with complete serenity. The house boat trip will introduce you to not only the natural beauty of Kerala's interior, rather it will provide you a glimpse into the cultural heritage of the state. You just get on the luxury house boat in Kerala and let the magic of this state cast a spell upon you."
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Kerala Luxury Houseboats Tours

Houseboat, Kerala
Houseboat Kerala

About Kerala Boat House

Kerala boasts of a vast network of rivers, lakes, lagoons and canals which together form the enchanting Kerala backwaters. The backwaters of Kerala are scenic destination par excellence. Sailing quietly on the backwaters of Kerala with only accompanying voice of drifting water and birds on trees is once in a lifetime experience that can only be felt during your house boat vacations. The scenes that can be viewed from aboard a house boat trip include vast expanse of paddy fields, fishermen at work, few temples and churches.

Kerala House Boats - Luxury on Water

Its true that house boats in Kerala do define the luxury in its complete sense. In other words they are like a floating 5 Star hotels that offer you a spectacular view of nature. You can take a quick trip on a boat and return to your hotel if you are running short of time. However, for those who have ample time in hand and are in a mood to discover the backwaters of Kerala extensively, then hiring a houseboat is probably the best option. Houseboats, or kettuvaloms, as they are locally known, are not just a means to explore the backwaters of the state, rather, they are an experience themselves.

Kerala Houseboats Stay - Experience of A Lifetime

Imagine living in a traditional houseboat in Kerala and waking up every morning in midst of water that is shimmering brilliantly with the reflection of rising sun falling in it. Think of the fresh air that will greet you in the morning when you come out of your bedroom in the giant country craft. See yourself sitting on the sun deck in the afternoon and soaking in the warmth of the sun. Last but not the least, enjoy the glittering shine of the stars that lighten up your path on the backwaters and then go of to sleep in your luxurious bed with the gentle rippling of water singing a lullaby for you.

In brief, staying in a houseboat and exploring the backwaters of Kerala together make for a wonderful option that will leave a lasting impression on your mind and in your heart.

House Boat In Kerala - Know The History

These luxury houseboats in Kerala are converted Kettuvalloms. Kettuvaloms, in earlier times were the major mode of cargo transportation in the backwaters of Kerala. These were also used for transportation purposes, primarily in the Travancore and Kochi region, however, today they are used more for tourism purpose. Initially, when the houseboats were converted to cater to tourists needs, foreigners were the only ones who hired them. Gradually, people from north India understood the excitement of travelling in the houseboats. Today, the number of Indians from other parts of the country has greatly outdone the number of foreign tourists. As for the local people from Kerala itself are considered, their number too constantly increase every year.

Kerala Houseboat - Design And Built Up

They are on an average 70 feet long boats with 15 feet width in the middle portion. They are made from wooden planks that are stitched together by coconut ropes. Interestingly, nails are not used at all in the construction of the kettuvaloms. Most of the houseboats are made from a wood known by the name of Anjili. Palm leaves tied over bamboo poles form the roof of these houseboats. Cashew Nut oil utilized in outside painting ensures a protective coverage for the houseboats.

Today, these Kettuvalloms have been redesigned to suit the basic and comfort needs of the tourists. However, care has been taken to use natural products for this purpose. Lights are provided through solar panels.

Kerala Boat House Destination

So much has been written and told abouT Kerala houseboats in the above section, but nothing has been told about the places where you can actually enjoy this ride. Here are some of the most popular destinations where you can enjoy your house boat vacations.
Houseboats in Alleppey
Houseboats in Kumarakom are the biggest attractions.

Houseboat Stay Kerala - Facilities Available

The Houseboats provide accommodation facilities for two people as well as entire family. The houseboats have commodious living and dining area with attached toilet. There is clean kitchen, properly protected against any hazards like fire. Professional cooks prepare delicious meal which is majorly traditional but keeping in mind the varying taste of the guests, more options in cuisines are also offered. The crew at the Kettuvallom usually consists of three people, two oarsmen and a cook. They have a separate arrangement for themselves ensuring you complete freedom in your room. To retain the traditional charm, lalterns are used for the purpose of lighting (though solar lighting are also used).

Kerala Houseboat Rental

The Department of Tourism has also come up with rating system for houseboats. As such you have Gold Star and Silver Star Houseboats. Till now, the Department of Tourism has awarded around 25 houseboats a rating of Gold Star and further efforts are continuously being made to increase the number of such highly rated houseboats. Beside Kerala tourism also provide info about Kerala houseboats rates and reviews. So next time you plan for some peaceful holidays make sure you look out for the best kerala boat house packages with us. And do not forget to click lots of pictures of boat house.

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