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"Kovalam Beach has an irresistible charm that will draw you to it while you are on a trip to Kerala. Once there, you will have plenty of opportunities to rejoice and have fun at Kovalam beach Kerala. And once there plan your stay at the Kovalam Beach Resort to make your holidays special."
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Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach, Kerala
Kovalam Beach- Kerala

About Kovalam Beach Kerala

Kovalam, a tiny little town in the district of Thiruvanantpuram in Kerala, is pretty well known for its beaches. Many ardent admirers of Kovalam beach ceaselessly project it as the best beach destination of the country. And there is nothing wrong in it given the fact that the number of tourists flocking to spend some time on the beach has been forever on increase.

There are actually three beaches that make Kovalam so popular - the Lighthouse beach, Eve's or Hawa beach and Ashok beach. The Lighthouse beach is the southernmost beach and perhaps the most popular amongst the tourists. A rocky promontory separates it from the second beach, Hawa, which in turn is again disjoint from the third beach, Ashok, by a rocky promontory. Apart from these crescent shaped beach, there are a few other lesser known beaches that are equally beautiful and charming in their appeal.

The history of the Kovalam beach Kerala states that it was a small fishing village, spotlessly clean, till the time the hippies stepped on it. The pristine beauty of the beach and the sparkling views from the rocky promontory entranced them infinitely and the rest as they say is history. People soon began to pour in large numbers to catch a glimpse of the by now famous beach. Its proximity to the capital city of Thiruvanantpuram also ensured that accessing the beach was not a problem for the enthusiasts.

Today, beaches of Kovalam are not as clean as earlier, nevertheless, the magnificent views still continue to enamour tourists beyond words.

Things To Do At Kovalam Beach

A Bit of Sightseeing

Starting from the Lighthouse beach, the first sight that will captivate you is that of the Vizhinjam Lighthouse. Dominating the rocky promontory, the lighthouse still glows in the darkness of night at regular intervals. The light emitted by it during this time creates a magical atmosphere on the beach which you will definitely love. However, the drawback here is that you are not allowed to enter the Lighthouse itself. Quiet closeby another monument dedicated to two 15th century poets from Kovalam, Ayyippilla and Ayyanappilla Asan, is worth a visit.

The rocky promontory that divides the second and the third beach has yet another attraction for you in form of the Halcyon Castle. You can have a look at the castle that presently remains vacant due to an ongoing political tussel. .

A small mosque by the name of Kovalam Jama Masjid stands on the Ashok beach and right across, on the other side of the road, is a Ganapati Temple. You can pay a visit to both these religious places while on Kovalam beach.

A Bit of Fun and Entertainment

Kovalam beach is ideal for swimming, kayaking, surfing and skiing. However, take care as though the water here may look very quiet, yet it has a history of quiet a few drowning cases. There are instructions in English, Hindi, Malayalam and German that specifically point out that only the area marked by green flag is safe for tourists. The red flags indicate zones that can be precarious if ventured into. There are lifeguards as well, so pay attention to the instructions and you will have nothing but fun on the beach.

Angling is also an option open for you. You only need to hire a boat from a fisherman and set out to get your catch. If you are hiring a traditional catamaran, it is advisable that you take along the fisherman as well for your safety.

If water sports is not what you want or rather if you get tired of it, then you have other options open as well. Explore the handicraft, jewellery and cloth shops that line up along the beach and pick up the ones you like. Alternatively, a brilliant Kathakali performance, the classical dance drama of Kerala, will surely raise your spirits.

Lastly, Enjoy Doing Nothing

Well, the rocky promontories still invite you to view some magnificent sights from the top, especially during sunset. Walk barefooted on the sands of the beach and admire the greenery around. And before you forget, there are numerous restaurants on the beaches that are fairly good place to enjoy typical Kerala sea food as well as some Swiss and German specialities.

Kovalam Beach Resort

A lot has been told to you about the beauty and attractions of Kovalam beach, and now its turn to tell you about the Kovalam beach resorts where you can enjoy your stay. Kovalam beach hotels offers you an exhilarating and a memorable date with nature. Here you can find a suitable Kovalam beach hotel according to you budget. Here is a list that might help you:

The Leela Kovalam Beach

Hotel Class:Five Star Deluxe
Accessibility: 15 km's from Trivandrum (Thiruvanathapuram) Airport.

Taj Green Cove Resort (Vivanta)

Hotel Class:Five Star
Accessibility: Taj Green Cove Resort and Spa is located just 12 km from Trivandrum airport and 14 km from the station.

Poovar Island Resorts

Hotel Class:Three Star

Country Spa Resort

Hotel Class:Four Star
Accessibility: Just 8 Kms away from the city.

Kovalam Beach Retreat

Hotel Class:Budget Hotel
Accessibility: Airport (Dom.): 15 km., Bus stand: 15 km.


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