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"The beauty of Kappad beach in Calicut is not the sole reason for the ever increasing number of tourists flocking it. Calicut Beach has its historical and religious attractions too, in store for the benefit of tourists. Visit the Kozhikode beach and know all about its past significance and present tourist places in Calicut. Also get to spend some luxury holidays at the Kappad Beach Resort with us."
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Kappad Beach In Calicut

Kappad Beach Kozhikode, Kerala
Kappad Beach Kozhikode- Kerala

About Kappad Beach Kerala

Located at a distance of 16 km from the Kozikode town, the Kappad beach in Calicut or Calicut beach (as popularly called) is wrapped in a sheet of history. Uncover it to know that this was the land where the famous Portuguese sailor, Vasco da Gama set his feet in the year 1498 along with 170 men. This marked the beginning of a new era and new relationship between the Indians and the Portuguese which lasted for 4 to 5 centuries later.

Things to Do At Kozhikode Beach

Unravel the Past

With such a historic significance attached to Kappad beach, it is quiet obvious that the past of the Kappad beach, known as the Kappadavu by the local inhabitants, is the prime attraction for any visitor. There is not much of monuments around to reveal the past before you apart from a stone pillar with an inscription "Vasco da Gama landed here, Kappakadavu, in the year 1498". You will come to know that it was the excellent quality of spices and abundant wealth of Kerala that caught the attention of early traders - brought the Arabs, the Phoenicans, the Greeks, the Romans, the Portuguese, the Dutch and finally the English. Kappad, specially has been witness to plenty of such attention.

The Temple on the Rock

On the Kappad beach itself, there is a rock on the top of which there is a Devi temple believed to be around 800 years old. Walking upto the temple, you will realize the deep religious faith of the Indians that manifests itself in every nook and corner of the country in forms of temples, churches, mosques etc.

Relax At Kappad Beach

Kappad is a quiet place where it is pretty easy (and loved) to loose connection with the outside world and turn attention inwards. Sitting on the smooth sands of the beach, you can feel the openness penetrate deep within you. It is perhaps one of those opportunities for you for which you have been yearning for long. Be with yourself, watch the clear sky and the rushing waves, walk in the cool water, make paper boats and sand castles, kick a ball......there are so many options to discover yourself while staying at the Calicut beach resorts.

Enjoy Boat Ride On Calicut Beach

The backwaters of the Kozhikode region has remained practically unspoilt even after the influx of visitors. Elathur, the Canoli Canal and the Kallai River, both close to the beach are good places for boating. Views of water reddened with the reflection of setting sun is particularly mesmerizing. The gentle breezes that slap your face seems to remind you of the love that nature bestows upon all its creation. Sitting on the boat, you will feel yourself in a setting straight out from any regional movie.

Kappad Beach Resort

Calicut beach resorts are a great way to just sit back and relax the beauty of nature with open arms. As for Calicut beach there are many luxury and budget beach resorts located here where you can stay very close to nature. And what can be a better way then Kappad Beach Tour to enjoy a luxurious stay in these popular Kappad beach resorts. Here is a list of the few of the most famous beach resorts of Kohzikode, where you can enjoy a peaceful stay.

Renaissance Kappad Beach Resort

Kadavu Resort

Kappad Beach Resort

Beach Hotel

Malabar Palace Calicut


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