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"The Lakes and Waterfalls of Kerala reveal the serene and the thundering beauty of the state. Visit these Lakes and Waterfalls during your trip to Kerala and get enchanted by the magical beauty they exude."
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Kerala Explore - Lakes & Waterfalls of Kerala

Vembanad Lake,  Kerala
Vembanad Lake - Kerala

Kerala is a heaven for nature lovers. Abundant greenery ensures a continuing freshness for weary heart and soul. Along with the vast stretches of sea and river water, mountains and forests, the lakes and waterfalls of Kerala captivate the imagination of the incoming visitors. There are no less than 34 lakes in the state which can geographically be segregated into three categories. The first one is bordered by the sandbank and runs parallel to the riverbank. The second one has land on its front side while the third one runs almost perpendicular to the riverbank. Many of these lakes form excellent destinations for backwater trips in Kerala. The serenity of the lake water is tremendously calming. As opposed to this the thundering fall of waterfall (there are around 19 of them) seems to break the reverie in which the visitor has lost himself. Rushing down from a great height, the waterfall too present a breathtakingly picturesque beauty. It would not be wrong to state that the lakes and waterfalls of Kerala carry with them a magical quality that allures visitors at very first glance.

Famous Lakes of Kerala

Sasthamkotta Lake - Situated 19 km from the Kollam town, the Sasthamkotta Lake is one of its kind in the state of Kerala. It is a freshwater lake spread over a huge area of 375 hectares. The highlight of this lake is that it neither gets frozen during the winter season nor does it dries up in the summers. Throughout the year, the freshwater of this lake provides clean drinking water for around 10 million people. For tourists, it is not just the scenic beauty and tranquility of the lake that is attractive, rather there is something else as well. An ancient Sastha temple stands on its shore which is major draw for pilgrims to Kerala.

Vembanad Lake - This lake is situated 12 km west of Kottayam and is one of the most famous lakes in Kerala. Kottayam houses a large number of rivers and canals that are interconnected. All these empty themselves into what is known as the Vembanad Lake. The lake provides exciting opportunities for tourists to enjoy its calm beauty by taking up boating cruises. The houseboats on the Vembanad Lake move slowly and allow the tourists to soak in the surrounding beauty.

The Ashtamudi Lake - This is yet another important lake in the state of Kerala that exudes a soothing beauty. The Ashtamudhi Lake is so known because of its eight channels. The lake presents quiet an enchanting scene with the popular Chinese fishing net, Cheena Vala in the backdrop. It is considered the gateway to the Kollam backwaters as such tourists can hire a boat and sail into the quiet waters of the lake. The scene en route is almost hynotising.

Akkulam Lake - Quiet a little distance from Thiruvanantpuram is Akkulam Lake, a favoured picnic spot with a children's park. Lazing around in the park and boating in the cool waters of the lake is extremely popular with the tourists here.

Pookot Lake - Situated at a distance of 3 km from south of Vythiri town and 13 km from Kalpetta, Pookot Lake is a primary attraction for anyone who sets his feet in the Wayanad region of Kerala. With huge mountains bordering it and tall trees providing a shade, the Pookot Lake presents a beauty that is pristine in every way. Boating on the calm waters of the Pookot Lake is also quiet an exciting option for tourists. Additional attractions include a freshwater aquarium with a number of colourful fish swimming in it, large variety of fish, a children's park and a shopping centre for handicrafts and spices.

Famous Waterfalls of Kerala

Athirappally & Vazhachal - The scenic beauty of Vazhachal (63 km from Thrissur) catches your attention the moment you enter the area dominated by the Sholayar ranges. Falling from a height of 80 feet, the Vazhachal waterfall presents an awe inspiring scene for tourists to view and enjoy. Athirappally fall is 5 km away from the Vazhachal waterfall merges with the water of the Chalakudy river after falling from atop. Both these waterfalls with their pure and clean water are completely mesmerizing for visitors.

Thomankuttu - Thomankuttu is well known for its beautiful waterfalls. Lying at a distance of 74 km from Cochin, the seven step Thomankuttu waterfalls is splendid in its beauty and charm. Each step provides a cascade and a pool beneath. Numerous caves surround the waterfall which has emerged as a hotspot for tourists wishing to chill out.

Palaruvi - At a distance of 75 km from Kollam and at the Kerala - Tamil Nadu border lies the beautiful Palaruvi waterfall. Rushing down from a height of 300 feet and with numerous other smaller cascades surrounding it, the Palaruvi waterfall appears more like a fall of milk. The pool below where the water falling down collects is ideal for swimming

Power House Waterfall - While on your way to view the magnificent wildlife of the Periyar Sanctuary from Munnar, stop by to view the Powerhouse Waterfall.They are a visual treat for eyes. Falling from a great height of 2000 m, the fall takes its spectator by surprise due its beauty. Western Mountain ranges surrounding it add to its beauty.

Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall - Another ideal picnic spot for the tourists, the Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls falls from a height of 100 feet. The highlight of this waterfall are numerous streams that make their way through the landscape occupied with rubber plantation.

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