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"Varkala Beach has much more to offer its visitors than any other beach in Kerala. Its religious association and the medicinal values of its spring water attracts a whole set of visitors, who otherwise would not have come to Varkala beach Kerala."
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Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach, Kerala
Varkala Beach- Kerala

About Varkala Beach Kerala

The small town of Varkala, 46 km north of the capital city of Thiruvanantpuram is mostly known for the untarnished beauty of its beaches. It is actually a long stretch dominated by red cliff and green coconut palm trees. The 2 km long cliff extends from the south, Papnasham beach, to the north to the Thiruvambady beach. Providing a stunning contrast is the blue hues of the water and sky. In brief, the scenic beauty of Varkala beach is almost mesmerizing.

Varkala beach is more than just beach for it carries along a religious as well as medicinal significance. It is also one of the quietest beaches of Kerala and resembles Kovalam in its charm. However, the added attraction here is the lesser number of people which means more space with little dirt.

Things To Do At Varkala Beach

Religious Visit And Dip

Since Varkala is known as a Hindu pilgrimage destination, it makes sense that you begin your trip by paying a visit to the famous Janardhan Swamy Temple. Like numerous other pilgrimage destinations in India, this temple too has a legend attached to it. Visit this 12th century temple (it is actually supposed to be much older) and listen to the pious story that also gives the Papnasham beach and even Varkala their name. The spring that originates from the cliff here is supposed to have curative properties (you will know why when you hear the story). On the new moon day, it is better not to visit the beach, if you are not very religious because it is heavily thronged by devotees. A dip here is believed to carry away all the sins of soul and purify it.

Adventure Activities At Varkala Beach

This one boosts the adventure streak within you. Varkala presents you an opportunity to enjoy watersports like parasailing, scuba diving and windsurfing and even deep sea fishing. You can feel your heart pounding and the adrenaline rushing down your veins when you dive deep into the water and view the colourful worlds of fishes, corals and shells. The excitement felt during parasailing is no less.

Enjoy The Nature's Beauty

Being one of the most tranquil beaches in Kerala, the Varkala beach offers a one time opportunity to get connected to yourself. The Thiruvambady beach, specially is preferred here for the simple reason that it is more silent and devoid of a lot of shops and restaurants. Walk along the shores and hear the voices of waves as they rush to your feet.

Set Out For A Boat Ride

The Kappil Beach is practically the place where the beach and the backwater merge together. The place is also quiet and offers you an opportunity to set out for a boat ride in the backwaters.

Just Sit Back And Relax

Beach bazaars are very common in Varkala from where you can pick up items like trinkets and souvenirs. You can also spend quiet a few bucks and in return relish the delicious sea food in the sea facing north cliff restaurant. There is a bit of variety in form of Italian and Chinese dishes as well.

Varkala Beach Resort

Whenever you plan your holidays the most important thing to look out for is definitely the place where you will be staying. And if we talk of Varkala beach Kerala, there are many good luxury as well as budget resorts here that you can choose

Woodhouse Beach Resort

Varkala Golden Beach Resort

Dreams Beach Resort Varkala

Blue Water Beach Resort Varkala


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