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"India Travel Information Guide is here to guide you to the land of multiple facets and characters - that is India. The tempting topography of India, studded with awe-inspiring attractions and places of travel interests will leaves no stone unturned to make your travel & tourism in India, an experience of its kind."
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Qutab Minar Delhi  India
Qutab Minar Delhi India

"India is the cradle of the human race, the birth place of human speech, the mother of history, legend, and tradition. Our most valuable and most binding materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!"

"Mark Twain"

India As A Divine Bliss

Incredible India and united India. You will be amazed to know that India is a soil of largest democracy in the world, with a civilization of more than 5000 years old where one can see people from all walk of faiths like Hindus, Sikhs, Muslim, Christians, Jains and Buddhist living in divinity.

Indian-sub continent is blessed with tangible cultural heritage comprise of world marvels and monuments of brave history. It is considered to be a popular pilgrimage centre for millions of devotees across the world. Indian festival holds significant role in beholding the rich Indian culture. Festivals are part of Indian lives and are celebrated with proper pomp and show. If you are visiting India than do the flavor of great Indian Music, which is as diverse as its culture, rich in its ethnical values ranging from classical, fusion, trance, rock, jazz, bebop, popular music, you name it and have it on air. Visiting tourist must experience the taste of India, which is world renowned for its rich assortment of spices and tastes. Do discover some old and famous recipes, while on your tour to this beautiful country.

Do you know, why hordes of tourists converge on India every year, because of ancient way of healing "Ayurveda and Spa" to Rejuvenate themselves. Even the countryside of India reflect versatile Eco-friendly surroundings, that mirror the real adventures of experiencing the wide range of flora and fauna in its region. While talking about India one cannot ignore its adventurous trial, whereas the Indian beaches are paradise for tourists, its the only place where one can leave eternal impressions on the heart of sand and become enthusiast to conquer mighty Himalayas.

Today, India has placed its name in the world tourist map, which has always been a major attraction for tourist. If you have not experience the world marvels, than do come to India, plan your trip to tour the one and only heaven on earth "India"

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