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"The month of Sepetember spends its days and nights with fun and gaiety as a number of fairs and festivals mark the calendar of Sepetember. The cultural and religious festival and fairs celebrated at every corner of the year makes Sepetember a month of vibrancy and colour."
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Indian Fairs & Festivals September

Janmashtami (All over India) - 1st September, 2010

Janmashtami is dedicated to the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna (the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu). This religious event falls in the ashtami of Krishna Paksh, according to Hindu festival calendar. A number of devout Hindus visit Mathura & Vrindavan in North India to celebrate the very occasion. Temples are decorated and religious hymns are sung round the clock. In addition, 'Raasleela' are organized, which depicts the mystique childhood of Lord Krishna and his love for Radha.

Onam (Kerala) - 7th September, 2010

The ten-day long festival is one of the major religious events in Kerala. Keralities put best effort to lit up the festive aura with cultural events and sports competition. Thiruvathira Kali Thumbi Tullal dance, grand lunch on the Thiuruvonam day and the adventure snake boat race is the major attraction during the occasion.

Amongmong Festival (Nagaland) - 1st week of September, 2010

This harvest festival is observed by Sangtam tribe of Nagaland. It holds great significance in the cultural diary of farmers. It is celebrated for six days and each day announces dances and grand feast. On the very occasion, people of the community worship the deity of the house and three cooking stones in the fireplace.

Id-ul-Fitr (All over India) - 10th September, 2010

Id-ul-Fitr is the most significant festival of Muslims. It marks the end of Ramzan, the month of fasting. During the auspicious event people dress themselves in new clothes and devote their time in reading holy Quran. Special foods like Sawayin, Malpua etc are prepared and parties are arranged among friends and relatives.

Ganesh Chaturthi (All over India) - 11th September, 2010

Celebrated on the 4th day of Bhadrapad, the colorful festival is commemorates the birthday of Lord Ganesha(the eldest son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati). Beside Hindu devotees, Buddhist and Jain also believe to pay homage before the Lord. People in Mumbai make best preparation to celebrate the festival.

Vishwakarma Puja (West Bengal ) - 17th September, 2010

Devoted to worshiping 'The Architect of Gods' (Devashipli), Vishwakarma Puja is greatly observed by workers of industrial house, craftsmen, weavers and artists. The festival falls annually on the Kanya Sankranti Day in the month of September. Devout Hindus in West Bengal and Assam enjoy the Puja with pomp and grandeur.

Bhadrapada Ambaji Mela (Gujarat ) - 23rd September, 2010

Dedicated to Goddess Amba Devi, the religious fair is organized every year at Ambaji village in Gujarat. Pilgrims from all sects and communities visit the place and offer prayer before the deity, placed at Ambaji temple. The fair marks the end of monsoon harvest and hence, holds great significance in the life of farmers.


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