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"Indians are highly talented and artistic people and this is proved by the handicraft products made by them. The excellent handmade pottery and clayware in India are gaining fame in the whole world for their innovative design and srtistry."
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Pottery in India

The craftspersons of Khurja in Uttar Pradesh have evolved a style of their own by raising the pattern with the use of thick slips into a light relief,Glazes in warm shades of autumnal colours like orange, brown, and light red have also been developed by them. Floral designs in sky-blue are worked against a white background. A type of pitcher like a pilgrim's bottle, decorated in relief by a thick slip is a speciality of Khurja. Rampur surahis (water pots) are noted for their uniform green -blue glazes with plain surfaces, the base being prepared from red clay. Excellent water containers are made in Meemt and Hapur which stand out with their striking designs of flowing lines. and floral patterns, often capped by wired shaped spouts. A very special kind of earthenware peculiar to Nizamabad in Azamgarh district is distinguished by its dark lustrous body. This sheen is obtained by dipping it into a solution of clay.


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