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"The outstanding stone crafts of India is another form of Indian handicraft that brings the name of Indian aritistry to the world fame. The excellent stone craft and marble inlay work of miniature Taj Mahal are hot favourites among the tourists."
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Stone Craft & Marble Inlay Work in India

Hamirpur district in Uttar Pradesh has nurtured a sizeable stone carving industry with its rich deposits of beautiful soft stone. The stone is many coloured with the predominance of a lovely red shade. Marble is also used,especially for making statues. In Varanasi the work is done by a community called raidas. The range of items include tableware, plates, glasses, bowls, food containers, candle stands, etc.

Agra is world famous for its superb inlay work in marble, drawing inspiration from the Taj Mahal. The designs are either foliage or floral intertwined with geometrical patterns.Models in marble of the Taj,vases, boxes, lamps, plates,bowls and pitchers in delicately moulded shapes & fine carvings are some of the popular items produced here. Intricate friezes and trellis or jali work done in an eye- catching range of patterns is also speciality of this place. Vrindavan near Mathura has marble as well as alabaster products. Some objects are embossed with semiprecious stones or synthetic gems.

A dark brown stone with yellow spots and lines called sange-rathek is found in Jhansi and its neighbourhood from which lampshades, incense stick stands, small medicine grinders are made. Midnapur in West Bengal is an important traditional region for stoneware and the main centre is Simulpur. Bihar's very ancient tradition in stone carving is proved by the magnificent sculpture of the Mauryan period. Tamil Nadu has a great tradition in stone carving of icons of classical excellence and Rajasthan may be called the land of marble with its stones in various colours and textures.

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