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"From the ages of pre historic days, India is rich with the heritage of many dynasties and royalties. The history of India provides you a deep knowledge of the major historical events that took place in the country since the ancient times and still mesmerizing people."
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History of India

Jama Masjid Delhi,  India
Jama Masjid Delhi, India

Indian deep rooted heritage and culture have been finding their place in the pages of history books for centuries. Indian civilization is one of the oldest of all the civilizations of the world and it requires ages go through the entire history in short time. Let's have a glimpse on the major Indian historical eras.

Pre-Historic Era

The historians still differ in their opinions while quoting about pre-historic era of India. The remains of the Harappa civilization which is still a big question mark to the world, carries the flag of ancient Indian civilization. This is the time when the biggest two epics Ramayana and Mahabharata were played in the real soil of India, where myth, legend and history seem to collide with each other. The composition of Upanishads are another gift to the generations to come.

Medieval Era

a new light of enlightenment and philosophy touched people as Lord Buddha arrived into the world and attained his salvation. The invasion of Alexander, rise of Mauryas and Ashoka dynasty are some of the other historical milestones which keep historians craving for more about medieval India. India reached a new height at this time while walking on the path pioneered by the Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira and Shankaracharya. You will still find the heritage and culture of medieval era is still well preserved in the ancient temples and monuments.

Mughal Era

This is the time of successive dynasty and political disorder and commotion. The beginning of Mughal reign is the time when the country went through a huge social and cultural change. A new kind of architecture that revolutionized Indian traditions are still fascinating the world in the form of majestic Taj Mahal, Red Fort and Jama Masjid. The Rajput architecture in Rajasthan and Maratha forts in Maharashtra are the other attractions of this era.

Modern India

Modern India got a chance to interact with the western culture for the first time. Indian thinkers were not far behind to come up with their paintings, novels and poetry and the world acknowledged them with open hearts. After a long fight for independence, India attained sovereignty holding the hands of Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most prominent world leaders of all time. With the advent of British Rulers, India saw a new light of revolutions which is depicted in the rich colonial architecture fringed in every corner of the country. Now, India is a modern country with a globally open market, high-tech cities, excellent communication and ancient heritage.

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