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"Indian Cuisine - On your trip to India, you will be overwhelmed by the variety of food available. Whichever part of India you visit, you will invariably have a gamut of food options to choose from. So try out as many cuisine of India as possible on your India travel. ."
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Indian Cuisine - A tourists guide to the various cuisine of India

Indians just love food! Go to any part of the country and you will see the love for food floating in the air. A guest arrives at home, and the best of dishes are served to make him feel special. On any festival or occasion too, delicious Indian food are rolled out of the kitchen to convert the event into a grand affair. Actually, for Indians, serving good food is a way to show hospitality and warmth.

So when you travel to India, be prepared to taste a variety of Indian food. India, being a big country with a rich cultural past and present, has a variety of cuisine that should definitely not be missed out on a trip. Infact, the variety of Indian cuisine is so diverse that even a majority of Indians find something new to eat when they visit a new destination.

The cuisine of India in the north is extremely different from the cuisine of India in south or for that matter east and west. For example, in Punjab, the most famous of all items is the 'Makke Di Roti' and Sarson Da Saag' along with a big glass of Lassi. The Punjabis make extensive use of butter and ghee in their food. In contrast, in Bengal, people enjoy eating fish curry with rice. Bengalis have a sweet tooth, as is reflected in the number of sweets they prepare and eat. Roshogulla is their favourite one.

Move westwards towards Rajasthan and Gujarat and you will see completely different form of Indian cuisine. Rajasthan is famous for Daal-Baati, Kadhi, Gatte ki Sabji Churma and Ghevar whereas in Gujarat, cuisine includes items like Khandvi, Chakli, Undhiyo, Dhokla and Khakra.

In Maharashtra and Goa, sea food is extremely popular. A Goan drink called feni is just loved by locals and tourists alike, not to forget the refreshing Nariyal pani or coconut water that is popular in both these destinations.

Hyderabdi biryani from Andhra Pradesh, idlis and dosas from Tamil Nadu further enrich the cuisine of India. If you are visiting India this vacation make sure that you taste as many variety of dishes as possible because, trust us, this is going to be a feast of a lifetime. Enjoy the food of India!

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