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"People of Madhya Pradesh have always been the masters in various forms of arts and crafts. And the magic of their hands has flowed down to successive generations. Right from textiles and pottery to paintings and metal works, every handicraft of Madhya Pradesh has made an impact on the global market and has made the state proud."
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Art & Craft - Madhya Pradesh
Art & Craft - Madhya Pradesh

Arts and Crafts of M.P are the Specimen of Executing Perfection

Arts and crafts in Madhya Pradesh have been a part of the state from times immemorial. Over the period of time, the quality and the quantity have changed for the better and have adopted contemporary methods of production. But they still hold the charm, the aura and the uniqueness that make them standouts from the crowd. Art and craft have always been an integral part of common people's life who started it just to express themselves and perhaps to kill time. And today it has spread across the globe with incredible speed. The variety of art works undertaken in Madhya Pradesh is simply staggering. You will find almost everything here that you will get anywhere else in India, if not more. The most famous of all is the Maheshwari Saris that has acquired fame throughout the world.


Painting has been going on in Madhya Pradesh from ancient times. And the proof of this is found on the walls of many caves that adorn the face of Madhya Pradesh. A major part of population in MP is of tribal people. Their paintings are not only meant for decorations, but for religious beliefs as well. Paintings of these tribal people are very basic and are sketched on walls to please their deities or to ward off evil and diseases. Different tribes have varied depictions in their arts. The Bhils and Bhilalas have paintings portraying myths about creation called Pithora Paintings. Their paintings contain daily life objects and animals like horses, elephants and birds. But the most outgoing tribes are definitely the Gonds and Pradhans. Their paintings have been appreciated in many countries like Japan, Australia and France where they were displayed in exhibitions.


Pottery work in Madhya Pradesh is surely the finest one will find in India. The most common sculptures are of elephants, horses, serpents and birds. You will often find such statues kept under a tree or in a shrine. The tribal people offer these animal forms to the deities as sacrifices. Tribes of Bastar and Bundelkhand are considered to be the master exponents of this art. Work of Bastar tribes are known for their simple structures whereas Tribes from Bundelkhand boast of the magnificence in the life-size images of human forms.

Textile Weaving

Textile weaving in the state has been a tradition carried on from ages. It was and still is famous for the intricate weaves in Maheshwari and Chanderi Saris. The style of weaving has been influenced by the styles of many neighboring states yet the final look of the cloth is absolutely different and unique. The weaving of Maheshwari Saris is done in Maheshwar, which is an important city in MP whereas Chanderi is woven in Guna. The weaving on Chanderi is more intricate than on Maheshwari Saris.

Metal Works

Metal Works from different parts in Madhya Pradesh differ extensively. While some areas have been highly influenced by the outside world and their styles have become more contemporary, few regions, where the major share is of tribal population, come out with designs and models that still have that ancient touch to them. Through these metal statues and images, we get to know how the tribe and our ancestors perceived life components like nature and gods. Statues of deities, birds, animals and oil lamps are the most common images.

Some works of arts and crafts have already made their presence felt and some are striving to match the fame and demand that is there for their counterparts. The art works in Madhya Pradesh are the pure forms of household art that give us an insight into the life of tribes and views of people of earlier generations. Wander through the markets of Madhya Pradesh and find some of the finest works of human hands.

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