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"Madhya Pradesh cuisine has its own special place in the culinary world of food delicacies. Enjoy the traditional flavour of Indian cuisine that can be enjoyed in one of the many hotels and restaurants of M.P. The mouth-watering dishes and arresting aroma of traditional cuisine of Madhya Pradesh will give you an experience that will fill your stomach and would leave an imperishable effect on your heart."
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Cuisines of Madhya Pradesh Famous Traditional Main (Dish) Food Items

Cuisine - Madhya Pradesh
Cuisine - Madhya Pradesh

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Culinary Delight of Madhya Pradesh

Many of the things of Madhya Pradesh are different from the rest of the country. And the cuisines of this Malwa region state is no exception. Once you taste the numerous mouthwatering trditional dishes, rest assured, you will have a hard time stopping your hands and satisfying your heart. Many who have not visited Madhya Pradesh might not have heard about the dishes in the state. That is because the major population in the state is of tribal people and they are not that outgoing. That is why their specialty generally remains within their own lands. Festivals are the time when the best of dishes are made and served.

Vegetarian Cuisine

The cuisine in Madhya Pradesh has a small tinge of Rajasthani and Gujrati cuisines. Earlier, Jowar was the most important cereal here. But now, Wheat is the staple food of Madhya Pradesh. Major share of the dishes in the state are vegetarian. The most famous of all the dishes is 'bhutte ki kees'. Corn and milk are the major ingredients in the meal. The corn is first grated and then roasted in ghee. It is then cooked in milk and few spices are mixed. The resulting meal is something that will make you want it again and again. Chakki ki shaak is another dish that has made it to list of supremely sumptuous. It is made up of wheat dough which is steamed and is used with a gravy of curd. Tapu is a different variety of wheat with which, special sweet cakes are made. You won't find them always as they are generally made during festival seasons. Madhya Pradesh is also famous for many traditional sweet dishes like 'mawa-bati', 'khoprapak', 'shreekhand' and 'malpua'.

Non Vegetarian Delicacies

Non veg lovers are also in for a great time in Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal is the place where you will find few of the most delicious meat and fish items. The most favored is the spicy rogan josh that will make you crave for more after you have it once. Other delectable non veg items that made their mark in the hearts of many foodaholics are korma, seekh kabbab and shami kabbab. These items have become an inseparable part of all grand feast.

Indore Feast

When of Madhya Pradesh is talked about, how can one not mention Indore, the street food capital of India. Evenings at the famous streets like Sarafa Bazaar and Chhappan Dukaan is a dream come true for snack and sweet lovers. The many shops that put up their stalls offer exquisite items that you probably won't find anywhere else, at least not as good as here. 'Poha jalebi' and 'bhutte ka kees' are the most popular ones among the crowd. The chaat corners and sweet shops put so much on display itself that crossing them without having anything from there is simply unimaginable. People of Madhya Pradesh are very passionate about their traditional food. And this is visible in the way they enjoy the process of making the exquisite dishes and the way they relish every slice of their meal. They are also known to be hospitable. And when you are served such exceptional delicacies with such love and care, the taste of the food doubles. So don't get surprised if you see everyone licking their fingers after the feast.

People of Madhya Pradesh have truly perfected the art of cooking. The Madhya Pradesh cuisines is reputed to be the hottest and varied of all in the Indian sub continent. The specialty of their cuisine here is the use of wheat and milk with various items. Here You will find traditional dishes that are hard to find outside Madhya Pradesh. Come and traverse through the streets of Madhya Pradesh to let your tongue know of a new high.

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