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"Music and Dance of Madhya Pradesh reflect the energy and exuberance that resides in heart of Madhya Pradesh people. This traditional music and dance art form shows the rich culture and traditions of M.P. Just a small glimpse of Khajuraho Dance festival and Tansen Music festival will compel you to visit the state and to soaked in the melodious music and traditional dances of Madhya Pradesh."
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Madhya Pradesh Music And Folk Dance

Dance Festival  - Madhya Pradesh
Dance Festival - Madhya Pradesh

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Music And Dance - Soothing Enchantments

Music and Dance in Madhya Pradesh have been a tradition since long time. The major Population that resides in Madhya Pradesh is of tribal people, so most of the dances practiced here are also of tribal nature. You can witness their dances in any of their fairs or festivals. These dances have not been influenced even a bit by outside traditions and have retained their charm and uniqueness for many centuries. Madhya Pradesh is host to the world famous Khajuraho Dance Festival. Masters of different dances like Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kathak and many other classical dances perform here with the backdrop of floodlit Khajuraho Temples. The music in the region has also remained unaltered for ages. The singing style and the instruments used are all the same as earlier.

Karma Dance

Karma Dance is the main dance of Gond tribe and Oraon tribe that reside in the north western part of Madhya Pradesh. There are many forms of this dance that are performed by many traditional tribes throughout India. This show that, this might be the oldest tribal dance of Madhya Pradesh. The differences between various forms is in the music that accompanies these dances. Both men and women take part in the dance performance. The dance is generally performed during the start and the end of the rainy seasons. For some groups, the dance also symbolizes the start of spring, and they sometimes dance around a tree set up in the village.

Muria Dance

There are many dances of the Muria Tribe that are a treat to eyes. The folks of the tribe get the basic training for these dances during Ghotul (a dormitory where teenage boys and girls mingle to gain knowledge and social ethics) itself. The main dances of the tribe are Har Endanna and Hulki. Har Endanna dance is performed during the marriage ceremonies. The dance has both boy and girl performers. Noteworthy thing of the dance is the movements of the drummers and the subtle changes they give to the drumming.

Kaksar Dance

This dance belongs to the Abujmaria tribe in Bastar. The dance is performed to please the deity and acquire his blessings for a rich harvest. Both girls and boys take part in this dance. Boys wear a long white robe and girls are laden with jewelery and shimmering dress. The music to the dance is very soothing. Every performer is enthusiastically involved as they get the opportunity to choose a life partner in this dance. Their marriage is later held with the approval of the society.

Music In Madhya Pradesh

Like in all other aspects, Madhya Pradesh has a rich history in music as well. The most notable and inspiring feature of the music is that they have been least intruded by effects of outside world and their cultures. Tribal music is the same as it was before, Bhakti songs(Devotional) of medieval times still touch your soul and take you to the world of spirituality. When it comes to music of Madhya Pradesh, one person who cannot be left out is the legendary Tansen. He was tagged as one of the nine ratnas of Akbar's court. There is also a music festival named after him, Tansen Music Festival that is held every year in Gwalior. All great exponents of Indian classical music perform here and millions of music lovers gather to remember the legend to and witness the great event.

All festivals and celebration in Madhya Pradesh is a time for music and dance. And many festivals like Khajuraho Dance festival and Tansen Music Festival that are dedicated to music and dance show us how much the citizens of Madhya Pradesh love their arts. Come to be a part of these performances that will leave a spellbinding effect on you.

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