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"The festivals of Madhya Pradesh are all about fun, frolic, colours, dance and drama. Come and lose yourself in the grand celebrations of Madhya Pradesh, join the most colourful dance festival of Khajuraho, Tansen Music Festival that will reveal you about the ancient and Mughal history of India. The state also have many tribal festivals portraying the communal harmony that prevails amongst people of M.P."
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Festivals in Madhya Pradesh

Khajurah Dance  Festival - Khajuraho
Khajuraho Dance Festival - Khajuraho

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Fairs and Festival A Cultural Extravaganza

Fairs and Festivals of Madhya Pradesh are the best time for tourist to get the real experiences of tribal lives in central India. These tribal festivals set Madhya Pradesh as a completely unique state. But what makes this part of India really famous all over the world, are the cultural festivals like Khajuraho Dance Festival and Tansen Music Festival, that attracts uncountable number of art lovers from all parts of the world. Apart from these, the state celebrates all the major festivals of all religion with high level of devotions and dedications. The festival season literally runs throughout the twelve-month period and one can enjoy the color and livelihood of the state in all four seasons of a year.

Tansen Music Festival

For every music lover, Madhya Pradesh holds an important position considering the famous Tansen Music festival. It is held in Gwalior, in a monument built as a memorial to Tansen, one of the greatest musicians India has ever produced. The festival is spread over a period of five nights in which present generation classical music legends perform for the huge audience that gather here from around the world. To be a part of this musical spectacle, you can visit Madhya Pradesh during the months of November and December.

Bhagoriya Festival

This is a very interesting festival celebrated specially in West Nimar and Jhabua district by people of Bhil and Bhilala tribe. The festival is a different version of 'Swayamvara', the traditional method of marriage in India. The celebration of the festival starts 8 days before Holi and continues till Holi. During this festival, young boys and girls find their partners and elope. And afterwards, they are accepted as husband and wife by the society. According to traditions, the boy applies color on the face of the girl he chooses to be his wife, and if she agrees she too applies color on the face of that boy. The festival is celebrated in the month of March.


This is a special festival celebrated by the Korba tribal but other tribes too celebrate this festival. The Karma festival is one of their most important religious festival and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. It is celebrated during the month of August. During the festival, people keep a full day fast from the morning of festive day to the morning of next day. In the night, people sing and dance around a branch from the Karam tree.

Khajuraho Dance Festivals

This is one of the most famous dance event that is held every year in the sedate town of Khajuraho. This seven-day gala witnesses performances by the best and the most renowned classical dancers in India. The festival has been granted the status of an international event and attracts tourists and dance lovers from around the world. Thus making it a great stage for dancers to showcase their talent. You will be definitely enchanted by the dance performances, but with dances being performed under the floodlit temples, the view will leave you speechless. Other features that add exclusiveness to this event are the number of dances that are put on show here. You can watch the exhibition by top exponents of dances like Kathak, Manipuri Dance, Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam, and Odissi. The festival is celebrated in the month of February and March.

No matter when you visit the state of Madhya Pradesh, you will always find yourself in between some festive celebrations or close to it. Full of colorful and vibrant people, the atmosphere of the state during these festivals is permeated with enthusiasm and excitement. Visit Madhya Pradesh and learn a new way of celebrating life throughout your life.

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