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"Museums of Madhya Pradesh bring the entire past of the state under one roof. They display flawlessly preserved, century old artifacts like manuscripts, weapons, coins, statues that give us an insight into our yester-years. Visit these museums to become a part of life that you missed just by few centuries."
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Museums of Madhya Pradesh

Museum - Madhya Pradesh
Museum - Madhya Pradesh

Museums In Madhya Pradesh - Displaying The Past

Madhya Pradesh is a state that is extravagantly rich in history and archaeological heritage. And museums turn out to be the best medium of showcasing this valuable gift to the common man, all together. These museums have received country wide acclaim for exceptionally preserving the artifacts that date back to 1st century as well. Madhya Pradesh has come under the rule of many dynasties and they all have left a piece of their royalty and culture burrowed in the soil. And now, they have proven invaluable for us, to know our past and understand our ancestors. Many of these museums have been built on the excavation site itself.

Archaeological Museum, Gwalior

The museum is located right in front of Hathi Pole gate of Gwalior Fort. Started in the year 1984, the museum consists of a huge hall where all the displays are kept. There are two adjoining verandahs as well. The museum is famous for the sculptures collected from Gwalior that date from 1st century to 18th century. There are life-size figures that are covered with heavy garments and jewelery. Best of them are images of Balarama, Kartikeya and Lakulisa. One can visit this museum on all days except Fridays. The timing is from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Archaeological Museum, Sanchi

The museum was originally established in the year 1919 by Sir John Marshall. But the museum changed location and was shifted to the base of Sanchi Stupa in the year 1966. There are four main galleries in the museum that showcase items belonging to six cultural periods, Kushana, Satvahana, Maurya, Sunga, Gupta and post Gupta period. Most of the objects displayed are from Sanchi itself. The gigantic image of Nagarjuna, Yakshi, Dhyani Buddha in red sandstone will catch your attention. But the best of them all is Ashokan Lion Capital, which is kept in the main hall. The image shows four sitting lions with their back towards one another and facing different directions. The museum is open for tourists from 10 AM to 5PM and is closed on Fridays.

Birla Museum

This museum gives to us the entire history of Madhya Pradesh under one roof. The collection in the museum ranges from prehistoric age to the present. You will find tools and instruments of Paleolithic and Neolithic age. The best attraction of the museum is the scale model of Bhimbetka caves with the prehistoric paintings on the walls. Other items on display are the terracotta items of 6th and 13th century, rare manuscripts, and coins. The museum is closed on Mondays and on all government holidays. You can visit the museum between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Maharaja Jiwaji Rao Scindia Museum

Established in the year 1964, the museum is situated in the famous Jai Vilas Palace in Gwalior. The museum has put on display various objects like sculptures, bronze statues, miniature paintings, and coins. The weapons that were once used by the royal family are also on display. Visit the section that has the collection of rare manuscripts and art works of Chinese, and Japanese origin. However the best item in the museum is the silver train that was once used to serve dishes to the royal guest on the dining table.

Visiting the museums of Madhya Pradesh is your chance of living the past and experiencing the history. Even the most unknown and low lying villages are a treasure that contain artifacts from the earliest centuries. Come to the museums of Madhya Pradesh that are mirrors reflecting our days of yore.

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