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"Madhya Pradesh is a state rich with sacred destinations and temples. The state is home to holy Ujjain which is the venue to the famous Kumbh Mela. Mahakaleshwar and Shri Omkar Mandhata are two temples in Madhya Pradesh that have one of the 12 pious Jyotirlingas consecrated in both of them. Visit Madhya Pradesh pilgrimage sites to let go of all your sins to experience true divinity."
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Madhya Pradesh Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage In Madhya Pradesh
Mahakleshwar Temple - Pilgrimage in Madhya Pradesh

Pilgrimage In Madhya Pradesh - Doorway To Nirvana

In the sedate state of Madhya Pradesh, faith and beliefs are a major part in lives of the People. Madhya Pradesh is home to many religious centers that allure pilgrims from all parts of the country. The temples here are nothing less than marvels carved on stones. The major pilgrim destinations in Madhya Pradesh generally contain Hindu temples. The population of people of other religions like Islam, Buddhism, Jainism are present in a very small number, thus the pilgrim destination that have more of these faiths are quite low. Though you will find a tinge of Buddhism in few parts of the state. Ujjain and Omkareshwar are the most important pilgrim spots in Madhya Pradesh.


Situated on the banks of Sacred River Shipra, Ujjain is one of the four places in India where the famous Kumbh Mela takes place. This holy festival is held here every 12 years relating to the position of stars and planets. According to Hindu mythology, the nectar which came out from the ocean during its churning by Gods and Demons, fell at four places and Ujjain was one of them. That is the reason of Ujjain being a venue for the Kumbh Mela. The most famous temples of Ujjain are Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir, Mahakaleshwar and Vikram Kirti Mandir. Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir is renowned for the gigantic and probably the largest statue of Lord Ganesha in India. Mahakaleshwar Temple is one of the holiest temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. One of the 12 sacred Jyotirlingas is consecrated here. The presence of these two temples make Ujjain among the most important pilgrimages in India.


Omkareshwar is a small island located near the confluence of Narmada and Kaveri river. This island town is also famous for a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which has one of the 12 sacred Jyotirlingas consecrated in it. The name of the temple is Shri Omkar Mandhata. Another temple that is famous in the town is the Siddhanath Temple. The temple is one of the few temples that are the perfect examples of medieval Brahminic architecture. There are few magnificent Jain temples as well in the town. The temples are a marvel in themselves and the picturesque surroundings add further charm to their appearance.


Situated on the right bank of Betwa River, Deogarh is known as the fort of the God. There are numerous Jain and Hindu temples inside the fort. Deogarh was a major Jain center from 8th to 17th century. You will find a cluster of 31 Jain temples which have scenes of Jain mythology and thirthankara carved on the walls. The Santinath temples are the most important in the group. Among Hindu temples primary temples are the Varah Temple and Dashavatar Temple. Although the Dashavatar Temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu,steals the show. The most attractive feature of the temple are the Rathika Panels in the viscera on the sidewalls.

Khajuraho Temples

Temples of Khajuraho are probably the most renowned temples in the world. The temples were built by the Chandela Rajput rulers between 950 AD to 1050 AD. There were around 85 temples at the starting but now only 22 of them survive. The temples have become famous for the erotic sculptures that have been carved on the walls of the temples. But such structures cover only a minor part of the walls. Rest carvings depict the day to day lives of people in that era and images of many deities. The temples have been divided into three groups according to their locations, The western group, The eastern Group and the Southern Group. The western group has the most number of temples and of utmost importance as well. Kandariya Mahadeo is the main temple in this group. Almost all temples have one or more special attraction in them like gigantic statues facing the temple. There are few Jain temples as well in the eastern group.

Madhya Pradesh is a place scattered with many pilgrim destinations. Few of them are considered most substantial of all in India. Many have come here and found something valuable that have influenced their lives for the better. Travel to these enchanted parts of Madhya Pradesh and refresh your soul with new views and new meanings.

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